Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else? - page 7

I just sent in my final piece for admissions, my essay. Now, I wait. I will find out in October if I'm accepted for spring start. I've waiting so long to get here. Anyone else playing the waiting... Read More

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    Who did you talk to @ Aquinas? I sent an email asking when letters would be sent out and he told me November too. I was thinking mid-October would be when they would send out letters---the first of November seems kind of late. Good luck to you. Maybe we will be classmates in the Spring!
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    I'm awaiting to hear something from Aquinas as well. I was told by Ian Turnbell that it will be early to mid-November before I would hear anything. I turned all my application stuff and essay 2 weeks prior to deadline, so this wait is driving me crazy.
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    I just submitted my application a few hours ago and I already want to run out to the mailbox to check and see if I am accepted. It actually says something about finding out via email, but checking email isn't nearly as exciting as checking the mail.

    The program I applied for is a BSN that doesn't usually do Spring applications, but had a few spots open up and opened up the application process. It'd be a lot nicer to go ahead and get started in January, so fingers crossed!
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    I am waiting, too! It's my second time trying for my program and I knew I wasn't getting in the first time, but this time, I really don't know! I wish you all good luck and hope we all get what we worked for!
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    I am waiting to hear back from Georgia Highlands College (ASN). I will probably know something in three weeks. I am counting down the days. Good Luck everyone!
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    I'm waiting... I applied September 24th (my grandmother passed away that same day). I find out on or before October 30th. I am hopeful that I get in, I worked so hard. I hope my grandma will be watching over me when I open my letter.
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    Applying Nov 1st for Fall 2013 start

    P.S. I'm also chugging along toward my midwifery degree :0)
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    I applied to a BSN program at the beginning of August, and they are supposed to send out letters this month. I'm so incredibly nervous checking the mail every day. October 1st was the application deadline, and because they go strictly off GPA, the letters get sent out fairly quickly.

    Good luck to everyone!
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    I applied to LSU in August for the Spring 2013 semester and was called for an interview for September 15th which went great now Im playing the waiting game and it sucks because the acceptance letters aren't being sent out until November......
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    I applied to the local Associates RN program and just got word that I got in. Im ridiculously excited!
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