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Waiting For Spring 2013 Acceptance..Anyone else? - page 7

I just sent in my final piece for admissions, my essay. Now, I wait. I will find out in October if I'm accepted for spring start. I've waiting so long to get here. Anyone else playing the waiting... Read More

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    That is how I found out. I was tired of waiting so I called just to see if the letters had been sent out. Instead she told me I had been accepted and should receive the letter in the mail soon.
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    Agreed! I check the mail tirelessly knowing full and well it wont come until the week of Oct. 24th! Calling sounds appealing...
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    Hi, I just applied about a week ago to the fast track program for spring at LMU. Has anyone heard back from the school yet?
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    Just had my interview - last step in the application process. I felt good and confident in my answers - hopefully I didn't come across as arrogant! Won't hear till around Thanksgiving, probably.
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    I got my acceptance letter from LMU yesterday!!!! So excited!!!!! Keep reading it over and over!!!. Lol

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    Wow, I got my acceptance letter today! A month earlier than expected!
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    Congratulations! When did y'all apply? And also, does everyone go through the interview process?
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    I didn't have to go to an interview. I applied in early August for a Sept 5 deadline, right after I received NLN-PAX results.
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    Some persons who applied to University of Central Florida starting getting acceptance email notifications today.
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    Im still waiting to hear about my accelerated bsn program.. this is so stressful!!
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    Congrats to those that have their acceptance letters!!!
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    It IS so stressful waiting! I check my e-mail...every day. I know that whatever happens now is out of my hands, but I just am dying to know. Congrats to everyone who made it! I hope the rest of us will join you soon!
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    Quote from ShannonBerry11
    Guys - I'm still waiting. It's so awful. Anxiety is no fun, and I'm really tired of checking the mail twice a day. (I live in an apartment, and our mail comes at different times every day - so frustrating)
    Has anyone had any luck calling the school before getting a letter? I've heard some people have gotten them to check and see if they've been accepted, but I just don't think that every school does that...
    Hahaha I live in a house and still checked it twice a day- more on bad days lol. My neighbors must've thought I was nuts :-)