1. Sorry I am going to vent. I work full-time, have 2 kids (1 and 2 years old) and am TRYING to get into a program. I did ALL my prereqs for the programs i am applying for (or will be) but I haven't passed the math portion on 2 entrance exams so I have to redo those. I am supposed to be studying for math daily but I don't know when i have the time?! My job is so super stressful (the most stressful job I have EVER had) and by the time I get off and pickup the kids from daycare, feed them, bathe them, and play with them and THEN put them to bed I am EXHAUSTED. I need to find a balance but I don't know if that is possible. The main thing is my stressful job! I KNOW I can do nursing! I have the drive for it, but I have to get over this hump in the road. I hate math and have ALWAYS been horrible at it. I need some motivation y'all! Nursing is the ONLY thing I want to do and know I can do. I just want to get into a program already! Oh and when I get it in, I wont be working!!!!
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  3. by   vintagemother
    My suggestion: commit yourself to a small goal each day. For example: do 2-5 pages on your test prep book. Or do 10 practice problems each day. The goal should be tiny, something you can do in 15 mins. Also, I highly reccomend altering your attitude toward math, attitude makes a huge difference in performance. After I chose to believe in nyself that "yes I can do math", I now typically score better on math than on English! I used to score horribly in math and considered myself "dumb" in math. One more tip: can u hire a tutor? Even for just a few lessons?
  4. by   stefonee356
    You're absolutely right! i took your advice and I am going to do a little at a time! Thank you!!!
  5. by   willowita
    It sounds like you're spread thin and you need some kind of support system in place. You're trying to do it all alone. I'm not sure if that's because you have no one else but if you have friends, family, husband/bf/partner/whatever, can anyone pitch in to relieve some of the load for you? Even if it's just to spare you an hour to devote to your studies.

    And like vintagemother suggested, how about tutoring? Does your school offer any tutoring services for free (if cost is an issue)? Any friends or fellow classmates that can tutor you?
  6. by   dkmamato3
    You may also want to check out You can try a free trial too - it is a great self paced online program for math. I think a 6 week access course is like $35. Then if you can commit a little time everyday to work in it you can study up on a lot of different areas and prepare for the math test.