UTA BSN Online Spring 2019

  1. Hey everyone!
    Just curious as to how many of us are applying to UTA's AO BSN for Spring 2019.

    I'm planning on applying, but scared that I might not get accepted the first time.

    Overall GPA should be roughly 3.06, Science GPA 3.75. 3 considerations.

    I had an advising appointment earlier this week, and she said if I retake History (made a D), it would better my chances, but I am considered 'highly competitive' with my 3 considerations.
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  3. by   _riah
    Hello! I am applying to the Spring 2019 term. What are your considerations?
    I currently have a 3.67 science and overall GPA.
  4. by   JLA48
    That's so exciting, and with that GPA I would imagine you're set. Are you applying for online and campus based?

    My considerations are previous bachelors degree, 30+ hours at UTA, and all science hours at UTA. Do you have any considerations?
  5. by   _riah
    I retook A/P 1 at UTA, and I will have 30 hours of pre-reqs at UTA, and employed by a partner hospital. I am hoping to get into the Online program. But either or will do for me, I am not sure if they allow to apply to both programs at once.
  6. by   JLA48
    From everything I've read, you can apply to both programs at once. I'll have to clarify with my student coordinator or advisor!
    What classes do you have left?