Tips for a&p online?

  1. 0 Anyone have any tips for doing well in a&p online?
    Anything is appreciated!
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    I did this and got B's in the class. You will be fine but make sure you do a study guide. I even took my lab tests online which was kind of odd to visualize the material. Stay really on top of it! I do better in brick and mortar classes, but I had to take it online bc of my work schedule. Good luck!
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    "YOU TUBE" it out, sweetheart. I am taking A&P 2 online right now and all you have to do is type in the system you're on and go for it. Good luck to you.
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    I took a blended course. I think you have to approach it like a regular class. Study as much as possible. I used the books website and did all the tests and reviews on that. It was way harder then the class required but I got an A in that class. I just spent a lot of time on my own reading and rewriting and drawing the chapters...then I realized it "clicked" and my brain retained it!!
    Good luck!
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    I am taking A&P online now, well the lecture anyway, the lab I go to school for. I am listening to pod casts, iTunes U, youtube, reading my book, reading my lab manual, Web Anatomy: Self Tests, Anatomy and Physiology Learning Modules - CEHD - U of M and playing games on Anatomy Arcade.

    I might be going overboard, but I would rather that than fail and need to take it again. (aka PAY for it again)
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    I just said this to someone else, be sure your program of choice accepts online credits for lab based sciences.
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    Is that something that's stated in the nursing handbook? My school doesn't say that on their site or in handbook. But I'll call them to be sure thanks
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    It won't typically show up on your transcript as an online course if you are taking the class from major university.

    The one thing that saved my rear end for online Biology and A&P was getting the syllabus and working reading ahead before class started. I took 8 week accelerated classes, so toward the end I was in good shape without being too overwhelmed.

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