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The 2010-2011 HRSA nursing scholarship is available now. I just submitted my application although I'm probably a long shot.... Read More

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    There's a 2011-2012 thread on this board @
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    Did anyone with an EXPENSIVE program get this? If so, what cost and what were your grades, etc. My accelerated program is 70K...
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    I thought I had read somewhere in last years posts that someone had gotten the scholarship from the 2nd preference, Hope u still applied, I DID! Hoping and Praying!
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    Does anyone know of any other scholarships like the HRSA scholarship. i missed the june 1 deadline sadly but i wondered if anyone had other suggestions for programs i can apply for scholarship or grant.
    Thank you
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    Same here! I'd love to find a resource for nursing/pre-nursing scholarships.
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    Has anybody heard anything this past week? Just wondering.
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    I've heard that people who made the first cut were contacted about 2 weeks ago. Apparently they are still awarding a few more scholarships but not many. I haven't heard back so I'm assuming I was not chosen.
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    Quote from Freshnewnurse11
    Only $4,975.80 was deposited into my account
    Did they say why it took so long?