Teas V - feedback appreciated

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    Hi everyone:

    I'm gearing up to take the new TEAS exam version 5. Just wondering for those that have taken it, is it fairly similar to the study guide? I've noticed that the Math section especially is shorter than the TEAS version IV. I just don't want to set myself up for expecting less, when in actuality there's probably more or the same.

    Any feedback is appreciated!

    Thank you!


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    study the guide the questions are very similar to the test! it will help you a lot!
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    Study guides and stuff for the TEAS? When we had to take the TEAS 2 years ago it was just kind of told to us.."hey you have to take a test in a couple of days, blah blah". It was basically 8th grade level reading, math, and science. I had no clue there were study guides and books for it now?
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    I will be taking TEAS V in a few weeks also. I have been studying the Kaplan study guide, the McGraw Hill study guide, and the ATI!!
    I'm starting to freak out just a little~ between all 3 the info is all over the place! I took a couple of the practice tests and did not do as well as I would have liked

    I am wondering if I should just stick with the ATI? maybe it will prepare me better for the actual test.

    I really dislike the way that book is set up tho....
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    I recently took the TEAS V and found it to be the same format as the Teas study guide. Everyone had a different test . I can only tell you that the difficult part for me was the science. I had maybe 5 questions that pertained to anatomy. The rest were chemistry, plants and biology. Study the neutrons and protons(how many each field holds), valence, etc. The math I did ok on. The reading was basically pick the most right answer. The language was knowing parts of speech, when/where to place a colon/semicolon, etc. Time was really the prroblem for me. Seems like they would have given you more time on the language portion. I can't remember what I scored but I got into the program and will begin on the 18th. Hope this helps!!!!This is just my ...Good luck!!!
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    Hey, I'm also studying for the TEAS V test, but I don't take my until December. I am little scared but I'm not going to let that stop me. I'm not that great in Math so I'm going to keep practicing until I get it. Wish me luck....
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    I'm studying now for TEAS V right now. I'm worried about the science but am trying to studying all the sections as much as I can. I have the TEAS V study guide from ATI. I've noticed that the study guide doesn't have any geometry in the math sections. Does if the new test has any on it? I took version 3 before and I believe there was some in there.
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    I don't remember any Geometry being on my test. I had things like decimals, fractions, addition/subtraction that sort of thing. I know you should study the proportions part of it and setting up word problems.. The test is not THAT bad but it was a doozy for me. I mean it will probably be a little easier for someone straight out of high school. But I have been out of school for almost 20 years. The only way I have been able to keep up is because I have smaller kids so I have to know in order to help them. But I think everyone will do just fine
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    Hey! I am also getting ready to take the TEAS V test. I take it this week! Any insight on what I should brush up on this last week (in the science portion) would be greatly apprciated!!!!
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    Thanks FutreRN, guess I won't bother with studying any geometry then.

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