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Taking A&P I and Nutrition

  1. 0 BIO 169: A&P I
    BIO 155: Nutrition
    I'm taking these to classes on the spring 2013 and i was wondering if there is anything i can do before i start these courses. Is there books that can help me prepare for them?
    Please help......
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    Get the anatomy book for your class and start studying.
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    Nutrition won't require you to study anything in preparation. It's not a hard class. A&P.....get quizlet for your phone and computer and youtube has a lot of great information like 10 tip to learning the bones. Study, study study because its alot of information. I'm currently taking A&P 1, micorbiology, nutrition, life and development psychology and government 2. Out of all these, A&P require the most time.
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    I'm in Nutrition now. The class is not difficult if you know anything about nutrition. Mostly what we're studying is how food is used by the body with very basic chemistry (don't let that scare you, it's nothing I haven't remembered from high school). A&P, get the anatomy book and start memorizing body parts now, it will make the physiology aspect so much easier!
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    I will not be taking A&P1 until Fall 2013 BUT, I have already began to study......I purchased a used AP book (not for my program, just one to start learning body organization and some of the aspects of the physiology part) I also am using anatomy flash cards and an anatomy coloring book. My hopes are to know body organization BEFORE I take the class so that I may focus more on the physiology part of the class........

    Sorry can't help much with nutrition
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    I would recommend finding out what book will be used for your class & finding someone who has taken that class with the same professor & still has the syllabus. Then use your book to start studying the chapters listed in the syllabus so you can be properly prepared for class and not waste time studying something not covered.
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    Quote from zoe92
    I would recommend finding out what book will be used for your class & finding someone who has taken that class with the same professor & still has the syllabus. Then use your book to start studying the chapters listed in the syllabus so you can be properly prepared for class and not waste time studying something not covered.
    Oh yes this too, I did this as well! However, ALOT of the A&P books are the same.....at the end of the day body organization is body organization and how it works is how it works....this could be different for other schools....HOWEVER my school changes the books they use yearly and there is one whom changes it each semester, which the book store totaly hates, but anyways......it could be a rpoblem if you are not going into your nursing program within the next few months if you purchase an expensive book thinking it's the one thats going to be used for your program only to find out the book has changed......it's your choice, but before you buy an expensive book this would def be somwthing to check out, which is why I choose a book that I found online cheaper......but if your program plans on keeping it's books, hey I then I agree with the above poster, grab that book......but I would check before buying!!!
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    Thank you everyone for the helpful feedback. I will definitely start studying.
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    There's really no need to "pre study" either class (or any class). You're just going to stress yourself out early. Just relax and be aware that once classes start you'll need to put in a lot of effort. Make sure you purchase the book in time and start reading 1 week before the start of class in order to stay a week ahead. That's how I usually prepare.
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    Nutrition is really easy. The chemistry and biology involved, in my experience was very basic. Keep up with your readings and try to find relevant issues. I spent a lot of time thinking about how an obese person could lose weight...healthfully, without sprinkling Sensa powder on meals or purchasing wacky exercise contraptions from late-night infomercials.

    My class also focused quite a bit on nutrition in the media, and how it affects the way people eat. Everyday on TV, Cheerios claim to lower cholesterol (true, to an extent) or probiotics claim to promote healthy bowel function. We're bombarded with conflicting ideas about what is healthy and what isn't. What's true and what isn't? IMO, it would be difficult to teach better eating habits to patients if you didn't know the science behind it. It's important to be informed and up to date with current research. Nutrition was easily one of the funnest classes I took.
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    If you took general biology, review your notes from that class. If you didn't, read the first few chapters or so of your A&P book, which are a review of general bio. I remember on the first day of my A&P I class, we had to take a general bio quiz to make sure we were prepared for the class. I dunno if your school requires anything like that though, but it's something to be aware of. You could also study anatomical terms, like medial/lateral, superior/inferior, etc. - there should be a chapter in your A&P book that includes this and basic organization of the human body. But honestly, I'd try not to stress too much.

    Nutrition is very easy and there isn't much you would need to do before class starts. There's some general bio and chem involved, but it's very basic, and most likely the prof will explain it anyway because there'll be people in the class that don't know it already. If you want to review basic chemistry - structure of carbs, proteins, etc., and chemical bonding, you could do that I guess.
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    Do you have to take nutrition now? I'm taking it with A&P 2, and it's a breeze since it basically reviews everything (minus body parts) from A&P 1 and some horomone stuff we just did in A&P 2. I don't have to study for it at all, and I'm getting an A. I'm glad I left it for last!