Take micro with anatomy, or with physiology?

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    I'm seeking advice as I plan my schedule of prerequisite courses for the coming academic year. I am taking 2 at a time since I have young kids at home. I'm currently taking Chem and Nutrition and it's been very doable.

    I am wondering whether it would be better to take microbiology with anatomy, or with physiology (at my school anatomy & physio are separate classes). Anatomy is only 4 credits and physio is 5, but I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on which would be more intense. The other class I'll need to take is stats, but it doesn't have a lab component so I think it'll be less time-consuming than micro.

    Thanks for any advice you can provide.

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    I don't know...it seems so strange to me to have A&P separated, but I know many schools do. I think you would want a strong foundation in anatomy before taking physio, however I have also found that learning the physiology also helps me remember the anatomy. I guess that was no help!
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    I have taken micro, a & p 1 and am 1 month away from completing a & p 2. If I was in your situation I would take micro with anatomy since I find the anatomy easier (it is straight memorization). Plus having micro already down may help later when you take physiology... I am finding some repetition between the two courses.
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    I think in my opinion i would rather take micro with either anatomy or physiology but not Anat with physi. It would be difficult learning Anat of a particular system while the same time learning the physiology of a different system. Id rather nail out location/names at one time and then learn the function at a different time. But it has been done, normally by younger kids who live at home and dont work so they can actually take the time to have such a full load. Its hard with a family and work as im sure you know.
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    Dbohr - I am not a young kid at home with parents paying for my education. I AM the mom with a young child and I took biology, A&P I, and sociology this semester. Next Fall and Spring, I am taking A&P II, micro, chemistry and developmental psych. It is going to be tough! As I mentioned earlier physiology has helped me remember anatomy, but we only cover 4 systems in A&P I and then the others in A&P II. I personally have an easier time remembering physiology vs. anatomy, but it is because I like understanding how it all works.
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    I took Anatomy and Physiology as separate courses. I would suggest taking Anatomy and Micro at the same time. Physiology is slightly more challenging than anatomy in my opinion.
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    Thanks for all the great advice! At my school, anatomy is a prerequisite for physiology, so I don't even have the option of taking them at the same time. I am hoping to get the same teacher for both, so hopefully there will be some continuity.

    It sounds like it might be easier to take micro with anatomy, and if micro will help with physiology then that's all the more reason to take it first. TWiersch, that's an interesting comment about how it's easier for you to remember physiology because you like understanding how it all works. My mind works the same way; I do best when I can see how all the pieces fit together. So maybe that's another argument for taking micro before physiology, even if it makes my fall semester a little harder.
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    They are all tough, but I would probably do micro with anatomy.
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    As others have said take micro with anatomy.

    In anatomy you learn the bones, muscles, and organs.

    In physio you learn the purpose the bones, muscles and organs serve and how they work together.
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    Instead of creating another forum I am just going to ask mine here...I hope that is ok. My school goes by quarters. I am taking a required computer class with A&P 1 and micro and A&P 2 together the next quarter. Would it be better to take micro with A&P 1? I have taken a basic A&P class my first year of college many, many years ago and chemistry. I hope some of it will come back. They require intro to bio to be taken before a&p and micro. I could wave it but I figured it might help since it has been so long since I took any science class.

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