Summer A&P1----- How to prepare

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    I am thinking about taking summer A&P1. When I say that, I plan on taking no other courses in the month of June. I will eat, drink, breathe, and sweat A&P1. With all that said, would any of you have any suggestions on what to do to prepare for this class? Is there a workbook or flash card set you could suggest? I want an A in this class.

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    Learn the bones and most muscles. I did this prior to starting an accelerated anatomy and physiology and that'll help with about a large chunk of the class. Even if you learned 10 a day from now til then you'd have a pretty solid foundation. Good luck! It'll be so worth it!
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    Not just the bones, but the bony markings as well. I found those most challenging. Knowing all the planes of the body and directional terms ahead of time will give you a nice edge as well. If you have time, brush up on your cell biology and basic chem as well.
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    I'm right there with you! I'm taking A&P I the first half of summer and A&P II the second half! I went over some threads and I saw a lot of people recommend a getting the book early, also an A&P coloring book? lol.

    Good luck!
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    oh! and youtube videos! And recording the lecture if possible
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    Start studying the muscles and their origins, insertions, and actions. I took A&P1 and 2 in a mini-term semester. The muscles are the most time consuming in my opinion. The leg muscles are the worst I think. The bones and their markings/structures are a good place to pay some early attention to as well. Make lots of notecards, they help. I finished A&P 1 with an A average and I am halfway through part 2 with an A avg also. Good Luck!
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    Well, I don't know if this helps, but if I were you I could see if you could get your hands on a syllabus so you can at least read over the chapters before class (if you're that type of learner, if you feel you'd do better without read ahead and psyching yourself out.)
    For me this is ho we covered stuff

    -Bio and Chem Review
    -Integumentary system
    -Bone Anatomy
    -Bone Histology
    -Muscle Anatomy
    -Muscle Physiology
    -Brain Anatomy/ nerves
    -Nervous system physiology.
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    I will be taking A&P 1 also summer 1
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    bumping for anymore ideas. I really want to ace it this summer!
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