Summer Microbiology Online Course at Ocean County College - page 2

take microbiology totally online at ocean county college this summer. occ offers two online courses, one in summer first five week may18 - june 23 2009 and the other in summer second five week june... Read More

  1. by   TiffanyLovesPink
    Just be careful because the LabPaqs that you have to order for these classes can cost $500 or more in addition to the cost of the class.
  2. by   gabby27

    Can anyone who took A&P 2 online at Ocean tell me a little about it ? I would like to register with Professor
    S ------. I am currently taking Microbiology online with Dr. --- ----- and i really like the class (except for the price that is), but it is so worth it. Has anyone taken A&p 2 Online ? Please share your experiences. Thanks
  3. by   tai5757

    I am looking into taking this course for the 5 week summer. I am currently a student in CT. I am getting a little stressed trying to register and am concerned about payment and the costs. I currently recieve finanical aid at my home school and am wondering if you can receive financial aid or any help at all for this course. Is this course really going to cost $1500???? I am taking Micro now and the professor is horrible. Won't let you ask questions and I have no clue what is going on.I am frustrated beyond belief. Please help....!!!!!!!!

  4. by   luckystudentnurseRN
    I think this school is a scam