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Summer grades posted!

  1. 1 Ugh, it was a looong 5 weeks but it's over! My professors posted grades today.

    Environmental Biology- A
    Env. Biology Lab- A
    World Lit II- A

    I'm so happy it's over with . Anybody else taking summer classes, feel free to post your final grades also!
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    I still got a week and 3 days left
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    I can't believe you survived taking three courses in a condensed summer session and made all As! That is awesome!
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    I still have 8 more days till my summer classes end. 5 weeks of nursing school, only taking mental health and clinical, along with Nutrition. Plus working full time I am so ready for these summer class to be over.
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    I'm in week 3 of 8 for this summer. Dosage Calc - A with a midterm coming up. Microcomputer Apps - A.
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    I'm starting week 4/8 next week for chem, 3/8 for lifespan.

    Human Lifespan and Decelopment - A
    Chemistry - A
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    Quote from LoriKiersteadMattis
    I can't believe you survived taking three courses in a condensed summer session and made all As! That is awesome!
    Thanks! I can't either. The day before starting classes I was going to drop them all & just wait until fall. I didn't think I could do it. I guess anything is possible! The classes themselves weren't very hard it was just a TON of work. I literally haven't had good nights sleep in 5 weeks. Time to relax now
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    Good luck to you all close to finishing. By the time I had 2 weeks left I was counting down the days.
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    I'm already counting down the days!! lol. I'm just scared of doing more exams at this point. Kudos to all of us tackling summer classes!
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    I have 5 more days

    A&P 1 - 97
    Govt 2506 - 99

    Whoo hoo!!
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    Final grade in general biology 4 week course was a 99 now to focus and finish 8 week sociology course (4 weeks left) with an A i hope!
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    General biology 4 week course-A!!
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    is general biology different from A&P