Summer 2013: Post UR grades, it's finally OVER!!! Summer 2013: Post UR grades, it's finally OVER!!! | allnurses

Summer 2013: Post UR grades, it's finally OVER!!!

  1. 1 This summer I only took A&P II and I am happy to say that I finished with a 98%. A&P I grade was a 92%. Does anyone feel just so relaxed and free? It is definitely BEACH TIME, YAHHHHH!

    I hope everyone have a great summer and I hope to hear from you fall 2013.
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    I just started my summer course last week, haha!
    Since I just started, I have to take this remedial course (Intermediate Algebra) in order to get into College Algebra.
    And so far, I'm at a perfect 100%!

    I'll be taking Human A&P I-II throughout Fall and Spring 2013, though!
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    2 more weeks, but I'm pretty sure I'll end up with three As.
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    Our summer session ends next week I have a final in A&P I Monday and my Microbiology final was a power point presentation on microorganisms that I just presented Tuesday. So happy this is almost over. Currently studying for my final now My mid-term grades were great A in A&P and a B in Microbiology. So hopefully, I maintained the same grades or better.
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    Three out of five terms done with my BSN AcBac. Still 4.0
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    Will be done next week, but so far.

    Microcomputer Applications - A
    Dosage Calculations - A
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    lol not over for me! I got an "A" in A&P I for Summer I and I have 2 more weeks left in A&P II. I'm anticipating another "A"
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    Got an A in Chem I, just started A&P I (five weeks!) - hopefully with the same result to come
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    Congrats! My summer classes ended June 20. But I got all A's Bio, Bio Lab, & World Lit II.
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    My classes haven't ended yet (3 more weeks) but so far I have two A's in Biochemistry and Human Development.
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    I don't finish until mid August. The first 6 weeks I took Developmental Psych and American History, and this second six week that began July 7, I'm taking A&P II! Got A's in both my 1st 6 week classes, working my butt off for this A in A&P II!
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    Good luck Chelsea! It's a beast in the summer!

    I still have finals to complete this week, but praying I keep my A's. Taking A&P 2 & lab, and American Lit. I swear I was writing a literary research paper every 3 days, SO glad that's over!

    Had my lab final today and fairly certain I earned an A in lab. Just my lecture final left on Monday. Can't wait to be able to relax!
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    Meeep, Thanks! I am really lucky. I have the most incredible A&P professor. The man lectures like he's performing a well rehearsed ballet. So far A on 1st exam and 2 quizzes! Whoo hoo!