Summer 2013: Post UR grades, it's finally OVER!!!

  1. This summer I only took A&P II and I am happy to say that I finished with a 98%. A&P I grade was a 92%. Does anyone feel just so relaxed and free? It is definitely BEACH TIME, YAHHHHH!

    I hope everyone have a great summer and I hope to hear from you fall 2013.
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  3. by   Whovian
    I just started my summer course last week, haha!
    Since I just started, I have to take this remedial course (Intermediate Algebra) in order to get into College Algebra.
    And so far, I'm at a perfect 100%!

    I'll be taking Human A&P I-II throughout Fall and Spring 2013, though!
  4. by   rubato
    2 more weeks, but I'm pretty sure I'll end up with three As.
  5. by   TNT365
    Our summer session ends next week I have a final in A&P I Monday and my Microbiology final was a power point presentation on microorganisms that I just presented Tuesday. So happy this is almost over. Currently studying for my final now My mid-term grades were great A in A&P and a B in Microbiology. So hopefully, I maintained the same grades or better.
  6. by   tigerlogic
    Three out of five terms done with my BSN AcBac. Still 4.0
  7. by   CowboyMedic
    Will be done next week, but so far.

    Microcomputer Applications - A
    Dosage Calculations - A
  8. by   16mm
    lol not over for me! I got an "A" in A&P I for Summer I and I have 2 more weeks left in A&P II. I'm anticipating another "A"
  9. by   bloodorange
    Got an A in Chem I, just started A&P I (five weeks!) - hopefully with the same result to come
  10. by   __patiently_waiting
    Congrats! My summer classes ended June 20. But I got all A's Bio, Bio Lab, & World Lit II.
  11. by   Bubbly26
    My classes haven't ended yet (3 more weeks) but so far I have two A's in Biochemistry and Human Development.
  12. by   queserasera
    I don't finish until mid August. The first 6 weeks I took Developmental Psych and American History, and this second six week that began July 7, I'm taking A&P II! Got A's in both my 1st 6 week classes, working my butt off for this A in A&P II!
  13. by   meeep
    Good luck Chelsea! It's a beast in the summer!

    I still have finals to complete this week, but praying I keep my A's. Taking A&P 2 & lab, and American Lit. I swear I was writing a literary research paper every 3 days, SO glad that's over!

    Had my lab final today and fairly certain I earned an A in lab. Just my lecture final left on Monday. Can't wait to be able to relax!
  14. by   queserasera
    Meeep, Thanks! I am really lucky. I have the most incredible A&P professor. The man lectures like he's performing a well rehearsed ballet. So far A on 1st exam and 2 quizzes! Whoo hoo!