Studying material before taking class?

  1. How helpful would it be to study the material before taking the prerequisite classes?
    ex. Anatomy/Physiology , Microbiology, Chemistry.

    Considering acceptance is placed on a point system with highest winning.

    Because of low cum gpa, I need to do extremely well in all prerequisite classes.
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  3. by   Saysfaa
    I've done this to some degree in several classes. I haven't found it very helpful, except working on basic math (fractions, metric system and conversions to, from, and within the metric system) before chemistry.

    You would probably find it more helpful to study how to do well academically - everything from how to take effective notes in class and from the textbook to study methods, techniques and principals. Also, helpful is how to organize your notebooks and your time, including the importance of enough sleep (the simple fact is one thing, understanding why it matters can be even better) and enough excercise. Test taking skills and strategies are another area worth studying before your classes start. If you have any test anxiety, then learning how to less that is would be very helpful, and there are very effective ways to do it.

    Even, learning how to systematically analyze your performance is worthwhile - it isn't what grade you get on a given assignment or test that is most important, it is why you got that grade. What kinds of things did you miss and why did you miss those things.
  4. by   besaangel
    I think this also depends on your farmiliarity with the subject at hand; for e.g. Anatomy can be studied prior to class as its mostly memorization and/or recall whilst physiology and others such as biochem are more hands on and scientifically practical. I.E. the labs help to explain the lecture material.

    But this is not to say this cant be done, but it will be very time-consuming to go through the Micro chapters just to learn the staining potential of a bacteria only to find out that it wont even be covered in class. Although, this is knowledge you'd know, it might not be very beneficial
  5. by   dt70
    Happy Easter readers.

    Thanks. I am moving to another state by end of May. I have an opportunity to take one class in the summer that starts
    the end of May.
    I previously purchased an airline ticket for beginning April. I can use that to sign up for the summer class, but
    the return ticket is 3 weeks later. I'm thinking that would take up too much time for moving.

    It seems too rushed to move then immediately take class with out and preparation. I took chemistry in HS but remember nothing of it.
    I don't know what any of the formulas are but I do well at math. The science part is where my anxiety lies.
    I wasn't sure whether reading the 1200 page Anatomy & physiology book would be worthwhile before class. Once class starts, just reading ahead in small clips may be enough.
    Also deciding whether to get full time job in my current field and quit the job in one year when tuition drops. That would give plenty of time to study. Or start classes in fall and get a retail job two days a week to offset the tuition price. I'm frugal is my other problem. I don't need to work at all, but like to pay myself back for expenses.