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    I'm just curious what everyone's schedule is like? We have 4 kids and I'm taking a&p I, math for meds, chemistry and computers. I'm finding ALL I do is study. Sometimes it sucks because I don't get to spend time with my children and husband like I would like to but I have to pass these classes!!

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    I'm in your boat. I have five children and I am taking Micro and Nutrition. I also work 20 hours a week while my two youngest are in pre-school. I have zero life beyond home and school. I found that it helps to have frequent family "meetings" about mom going to school and what the long-term goal is. Amazingly even my little ones understand and I am very careful to not let it hurt our family life. It helps to do homework late at night and my housekeeping is not what I want it to be.
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    My housekeeping is nonexistent until the weekend. I also work I have a home healthcare job but the hours are overnight and I get to sleep so I think it's a pretty good use of my time. My boys are on the swim team so we go to practice every day and I try to study when I'm there. I don't study late but rather early in the morning. The bus comes to our house at 6:15 so I'm usually at school by 730 studying. I'm keeping my on the prize but sometimes it does get tiring!!!
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    I do the majority of my studying while the kids are sleeping. I have a 2yr. old and 1 yr. old, so it's virtually impossible to get any studying done while they are awake, lol! I feel like I am not spending nearly enough time with them or my poor husband, but I just remind myself that this is only temporary. The end will justify the means. Housework...HA, that's a good one. I try pick up a little here and there when I am taking a break from school work. Honestly though, it's at the bottom of my to-do list.
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    The most classes I have taken at once have been 3 so far so I dont take too much time away from my family. Next year I start full time so these last 3 years of part time have been nice since I have young kids at home. I also avoided studying at night. I study better during the day a couple days per week for like 2-3 hour sessions.
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    I am glad I opened this thread! I am taking 19 units to meet the application deadline. I have two small kids at home, and they are also very active on the swim team.. I feel like when we are home all I do is cook dinner, do the laundry that is absolutely necessary, and study!! I feel like I hardly ever spend time with my children! I do so much homework and I am on this computer nonstop with my classes. I find it hard to study at night, after the kids go to bed all I want to do is go to bed too! But I find it hard to get up early as well so I don't know how to balance everything! I know it is worth it though!
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    Quote from lvnibclc
    I am glad I opened this thread! I am taking 19 units to meet the application deadline.!
    Whew, 19 credits!? You are my hero. I am taking 12 credits this semester and I am maxed out. I have been chipping away at pre-reqs. part-time over the past two years. Plus, I took a semester off when I had my son last year. I plan to apply to a program in the spring, so this is my last big push to get everything done!
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    My good friend at work always tells me about how she used to read her nursing text to her 5 children when she was in Nursing school. She said she just had to make it work. I found myself making little adjustments like this too with my 2 kids when I was battling microbiology in the summer and literally the craziest-physiology-class-EVER the following semester. If there's a will, there's a way! Good luck to ya!
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    Thank God micro is only a pre req for my BSn not my adn ill battle that class later
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    I do 10 credits (chem, psych, english), work 6 days a week and do a volunteer gig on most Sundays. My hats off to you with small kids... mine is 17, so hubby and her are pretty much on their own. And I'm totally completely exhausted. I end up studying late at night and early in the morning. Chem is killing me because it's not coming easy and I really don't know how to put more hours in the week to devote to it... Is it thanksgiving break yet?

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