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Hey all! I was previously a nursing student, but never got to finish my diploma in Quebec's CEGEP. I got married, moved and had couple kids. I have not been in school for about 5 years! I love nursing and want to return to it... Read More

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    Im entering clinicals in the fall and I am a fulltime employed wife and mother of 4. 2 of my kids are older teens but my girls are 8 and 11. I can do this and so can you! We deserved to be fulfilled also =)

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    YEs! I think about this everyday/night...sometimes in my dreams too lol....
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    Hello learningmom, how wonderful for you that you are pursuing your goal of becoming a nurse! It is never too late to fulfill your dreams. Mine started when I was in my mid twenties and got my LVN license. I wanted to pursue my RN license but motherhood happened and I became a SAHM instead. Many years later, my two kids are now in middle school and I will begin my RN program in January 2012. I am excited as well as scared but you know what, I am going for it! We live only once, we need to find our path in life and if nursing is yours, then God speed, Take a deep breath and jump in.
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    I am officially starting Nursing School in January. (yeah!) After being out of school for 14 years and currently finishing up my prerequisites, the work is about to seriously begin! My husband travels 100 days each year, and will be gone the entire month of March, but we will find a way to make things work. Our girls are (will be) 7 and 4 then and there are days when they will potentially be in daycare or before/after-school care for 11 hours! To me, that's unacceptable and not fair to them; so we are looking at hiring a nanny for 3 weeks while he is away- his mom will be coming up to help me out for 2 weeks as it is. It will be fairly expensive, but it will give me peace of mind that my girls are at least at home and not stuck in their respective institutions, and if I'm lucky, I will even find someone who is willing to cook! I truly believe that there is always a way to accomplish your dreams. Sometimes a solution will present itself in a way that you never even imagined. Believe in yourself, apply yourself, and something will always work out.
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    can you share that word doc if you still have it
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    I certainly understand how you feel but know that you are not alone! And I am sure you can see that by the responses you are receiving. I have been a stay-at-home Mom for almost 10 years. I have 4 boys with the youngest about to turn 4. Two years ago, I began taking my prerequisites....just one class per steps! My goal is to start a full-time nursing program once they are all in school. I just completed my last prereq in May and I am applying to nursing school for a summer 2013 start. I am scared to death because I am hoping to be accepted into an accelerated nursing program. I worry that I will not be able to do it all but then I come here and draw strength from all the stories I have read. My advice to you since your baby is so young is to do what I did and start with one class and go from there. You can do it!
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    PennyS, I am in your exact boat and paddling furiously. I have five children and my two youngest start kindergarten next year. I am also applying to an acclerated program for a summer 2013 start. I am looking at NAU, what about you? My fears mirror yours, maybe we can be each others cheerleaders this next year.
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    I am in the Boston to area so I am applying to Simmons, MGH, UMass Boston and Curry. I am really worried about the schedule. My husband is a firefighter/paramedic and he works a rotating schedule so childcare may be an issue. Hoping his crew will be generous with swaps! Have you completed your prereqs yet? What is NAU?
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    HI, stay at home Mom here (45) with an 11 yr old anda 6 yr old. I took prereqs one at a time while youngest was in 1/2 day nursery school (classes at night, studied at day)...started Nursing school for RN last year when youngest started all-day K, am in my last year now with eldest in Middle School, youngest in 1st. It is hard but doable...I try to study whenthey are at school so I am HERE in body and spirit with them when they get home, also lots of late nights studying MANY Moms in my program. You can do it :-)
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    You moms are just awesome! This post is over a year old. My youngest is almost 2! My eldest (4 yrs)started JK woohoo!! I have supposedly all my pre-reqs according to the academic advisor, I will be sending my application next year for Fall 2014. Just waiting for youngest to get launched in school too. It's getting closer but the wait is still there. Confidence is just gonna have to be dealt with once things get rolling.

    dsb_fam I agree lets keep this thread alive with back forth cheers and encouragement! Lots of love coming your way through screen. o-O......okay maybe thats weird.

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