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Hey all! I was previously a nursing student, but never got to finish my diploma in Quebec's CEGEP. I got married, moved and had couple kids. I have not been in school for about 5 years! I love... Read More

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    PennyS, I am in your exact boat and paddling furiously. I have five children and my two youngest start kindergarten next year. I am also applying to an acclerated program for a summer 2013 start. I am looking at NAU, what about you? My fears mirror yours, maybe we can be each others cheerleaders this next year.
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    I am in the Boston to area so I am applying to Simmons, MGH, UMass Boston and Curry. I am really worried about the schedule. My husband is a firefighter/paramedic and he works a rotating schedule so childcare may be an issue. Hoping his crew will be generous with swaps! Have you completed your prereqs yet? What is NAU?
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    HI, stay at home Mom here (45) with an 11 yr old anda 6 yr old. I took prereqs one at a time while youngest was in 1/2 day nursery school (classes at night, studied at day)...started Nursing school for RN last year when youngest started all-day K, am in my last year now with eldest in Middle School, youngest in 1st. It is hard but doable...I try to study whenthey are at school so I am HERE in body and spirit with them when they get home, also lots of late nights studying MANY Moms in my program. You can do it :-)
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    You moms are just awesome! This post is over a year old. My youngest is almost 2! My eldest (4 yrs)started JK woohoo!! I have supposedly all my pre-reqs according to the academic advisor, I will be sending my application next year for Fall 2014. Just waiting for youngest to get launched in school too. It's getting closer but the wait is still there. Confidence is just gonna have to be dealt with once things get rolling.

    dsb_fam I agree lets keep this thread alive with back forth cheers and encouragement! Lots of love coming your way through screen. o-O......okay maybe thats weird.
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    I got accepted!!!! into RPN program at Algonquin College for fall 2013!!! aaah, I'm so happy. I didn't accept the offer yet, because I am still waiting for my 1st choice BScN collab @ Ottawa U. I pray all of you get for ya'll want too. I wish I can just share this happiness through the computer screen for you.
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    I hope you get into the BScN collab @ Ottawa U, thats what Im hoping for also to apply and congrats on ur acceptance to RPN cause I was thinking about doing that program as well except college and university applications are separate and costly :/
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    Hi! Just go for it. I am returning and trying to get into the nursing program and I am 58 years "young," you can do it if I can!!! Good luck.
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    Hello all again, just a quick update, I've finished my RN program in May and just today took my NCLEX exam. Now just waiting for results, keep ur fingers crossed! I want to encourage all of you moms and those returning to nursing after so many years of being away to carry on with your goals and dreams. You must be diligent, patient and most of all work hard, you will get there. God Bless
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    Thank you i love hearing this
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    I'm a 31 year old mother of two small children. I am taking 6 to 9 credits per semester. Its been a challenge but very manageable. I've been a stay at home mom for 6 years and let me tell you...I was scared to death to go back. But I want to do this for myself and my family. I've found that I get overwhelmed thinking of how long it will take but if I just take it one semester at a time I will get there!
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