So... Who else is waiting on that letter?

  1. I'm applying for the fall program, so... It's about that time for me to "hurry up and wait!" Applications are due by June 1, which means I obviously won't hear anything til mid to late June (at the earliest!).

    Who is else is playing this waiting game with me? I thought it might be fun to have a place for us to share our experience!
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  3. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    Hang in there! I've found Tuesdays to be the worst for some reason haha
  4. by   HeatherMax
    I am, well almost. I just got the letter with my interview date and time, that is the last step in the application process. I should hear sometime after that. The application deadline is May 15th, so I hope the first batch of letters will go out by June 1. Classes start the first week of September. I am sure they will give us enough time to get our uniforms, shoes and supplies, not to mention physical and shot records (updates... ) Honestly, I want to know NOW.. LOL
  5. by   SopranoKris
    Letters are supposed to go out this week. I have been stalking the mailman since Saturday...LOL!

    Waiting is AGONY!!!
  6. by   priorities2
    Me too! My app was due Feb 1st, and we should hear back 12-13 weeks later, so as early as next Friday. I'm really nervous about whether I'll get in, and also worried about doing reasonably well in my courses this semester (I'm taking phys, micro, anat all at once...). So, yea, I guess my insane course load is a distraction from waiting, but I'm still counting down the days!! We can all do.. it stay busy everyone =)
  7. by   ~Melissa~
    I have 2 weeks left in the semester before I can have my transcript sent (this semester I have A&P II, Microbiology, Medical Terminology, and Intermediate Algebra). Right now I have As in everything and I'm pretty confident I can keep them... In everything but that stinking math class. I'm dreading the final because my retention of algebraic formulas is abysmal! Fingers crossed, anyways. I really want to finish out this last semester of pre-reqs out on a really strong note!!
  8. by   Medic/RN2B
    I am!! App deadlines were march and april 1st!! 3 weeks of class left and letters dont go out until JUNE!!! So hard to focus!!
  9. by   Malorymug
    Me! Letters are supposed to go out "late April". Isn't this late April? I just rocked my pathos class, I hope that grade makes it into my GPA for consideration for Fall 2013
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  10. by   fscjstudent
    Yes. It could be another month before I find out.
  11. by   yupthischickanurse
    I have to wait until June -July!!! Gosh the stress

    Do they like my refs, my essay, testing scores....this that.
  12. by   JMaye15
    I am too! deadline was April 1st. They said we should receive letters about 8 weeks from the deadline. So around the end of May I should know something. Two weeks left in this spring semester then I will officially be stalking the mailman the last two weeks in May.
  13. by   layeley
    Our application window was March 18th- April 25 and I applied March 19th so I could get it off my chest. Now at this point there is nothing I can do but wait focus on A&P I and my maymester course. I spoke with the Dept. Chair yesterday and she stated our notices would be mailed by the 3rd week in may... One more month of agony. I feel confident about my standings but it is still so nerve racking when I want this sooo badly.
  14. by   MrsStudentNurse
    Right here! 2 weeks until I find out if I move across country this year or next.