So confused, help me out please. Pre-nursing

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    Hello all, I am new here. I saw this forum continuously pop up when I googled a question related to nursing so i decided to join!
    I start school at a community college this fall, Borough of Manhattan Community College. My plan is to attend this college, do really good and then transfer to a 4 year university. My interest is nursing but my confusion sets in here: when I begin school, I will take all of my pre-Reqs? Correct?
    after I am finishvwith that.. Do I apply for the nursing program? Or do I not since my plan is to transfer and receive a BSN? Is that possible? I'm really lost.

    1. After I finished my pre-Reqs, can I attain an associates degree with out entering the nursing program?
    im Not sure if my question is worded correctly but I hope someone understands
    any tips or advice will be greatly appreciated.

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    Yes, my friend and I both did pre-req at a community college then we transferred to a university's nursing program. I did not get my associates but she did... I will find out how she did that without going into the community college nursing program.
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    How did you transfer with out an associates?
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    Its not transferring, once you get the credits you need you just apply to a University/program that offers a degree in nursing.
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    Oh ok I never knew that :/. So I don't have to enter this extremely competitive nursing program if I'm going to end up applying for a university? And do you know how many credits? And approximately how long it will take? I know it isn't like high school where it takes 4 years for 40 credits
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    A community college can be used to earn pre-reqs, co-reqs, or electives before transferring to a 4 year college. Some earn the AA or AS degree, some just transfer credits. If you want to be eligible to actually become a nurse, you need to enter into an actual program (ADN or BSN).
    if you want to enter nursing as a BSN, you don't need to enter the CC nursing program, just earn the necessary credits for transfer. The counselors at the college can give you all the details.
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    Thank you. And the counselors didn't give me much information
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    I did not need to get associate degree... All I did was do all the pre-req courses the university wanted with the GPA they wanted. The university told me exactly what courses to take and off course the GPA
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    I think nursing programs are competitive whether you go the CC route (ADN) or university (BSN). They are in my area, at least.

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    I figured that. But I didn't want to "waste my time" (should I call it that?) going into that program if I planned to persue another school

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