Should I get an A.S. degree in Biotech alsong with pre-reqs? Should I get an A.S. degree in Biotech alsong with pre-reqs? | allnurses

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Should I get an A.S. degree in Biotech alsong with pre-reqs?

  1. 0 I am thinking of getting a certificate or an A.S. degree in a biotech field such as genomics or immunology. I am thinking that this could help my candidacy as well as the knowledge since a lot of DNA tests are being done to identify cancers and other things. My pre-re grades are good, but my undergrad grades of 20 years ago aren't. So, perhaps this additional degree can help.

    I also think that since many nursing schools here in California are impacted, and you wind up getting wait-listed for 6 to 18 months, I figure I might be able to get a job in a lab while I wait to get into nursing school.

    What do you think of this? Am I going to far "off center" and not focusing enough on being a nurse or what?

    I would love to get into UCSF's MEPN accelerated program. But I'll take what I can get!

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    I had my Associate's in Microbiology & Physics. It didn't matter at all what the AS was in. If it wasn't a Bachelor's degree, they weren't interested in it. The only thing the AS helped me with was satisfying the credits for humanities, social science & communications that needed to be completed along with pre-reqs. Because my degrees were earned 19 years ago, even my Microbiology credits weren't accepted. I had to re-take Micro for nursing pre-reqs. It was an easy A the 2nd time around, but a big waste of time!

    Yes, you could potentially get a job in a lab with an AS, but you could do the same thing with a certificate as well. Entry level lab jobs don't pay that much and the hospital labs in our area have hybrid lab tech/phlebotomy roles. The only lab clerk we had that didn't have phlebotomy was a histotechnician who had a special certificate in histotechnology, which was a 2 year program (no AS granted).

    So, yes, it'll help you get a job, but I wouldn't count on it making a difference when applying to nursing school.
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    I know that the bachelors program I applied appreciates that I have earned 2 associate degrees (psychology & prenursing). They even gave me half off tuition for graduating from a community college. I say go for it.... especially if you have to be waitlisted anyway.
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    Actually I have a b.a. Degree and Pan MBA degree. The certificate is justo to spine more of a stand out. What do you think? If zi can't get into nursing school, perhaps I can get a job in a biotech firm.