SFSU/Canada College BSN Applicant Thread, Fall 2010 Cohort - page 3

Hi Everyone, I posted this as a reply but then thought it was worth a separate thread. I've been accepted for fall 2010 to this program (I am pretty sure I have), but haven't received the... Read More

  1. by   nyashan
    do not lose hope guys, i received a call TODAY!!!! and was told a place had opened up for this fall!!
    very excited, cant wait to start
  2. by   RunawayN
    Hey everybody, just wondering, for those who got in. Can you tell me about your gpa, background, work experience. I'm applying next year and I'm nervous I won't get in :/
  3. by   ekwan77
    hi, i'm applying for this program this year. >< i'm nervous as hell too!
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  4. by   ekwan77
    Hi, I am applying for this program.. What was your prerequisite gpa & your teas score if you don't mind telling me? I didn't score above 80% so I'm nervous that I won't get accepted