SFSU/Canada College BSN Applicant Thread, Fall 2010 Cohort - page 3

Hi Everyone, I posted this as a reply but then thought it was worth a separate thread. I've been accepted for fall 2010 to this program (I am pretty sure I have), but haven't received the acceptance package or other formal... Read More

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    For those who get accepted- I just got an email from the coordinator saying that there will be an orientation at main campus SFSU tentatively set for July 27, 2010. There should also be one scheduled at Sequoia Hospital sometime mid-July.

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    Does anyone receive the BSN response form for the program yet?
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    it is nearing almost end of the month.. my hope of getting into this program is slowly dying and this waiting period has been extremely frustrating...

    i too wish that i can find out where i am on the list of 25.. i don't understand why they can't let us know!
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    Hi Lee J...funny that you should post that, I emailed someone there about 2 hours ago and they told me that all 40 slots have been filled and it is not looking likely that the waitlisted people will get in...these are her words exactly: "At this time, all 40 spaces have been filled for the Fall 2010. It does not look likely that any other spaces will be opening up. Thank you for your interest in the Sequoia/SFSU BSN program at Caņada. Well-qualified applicants are encouraged to re-apply for next year."
    Oh well...hopefully you applied to some other schools as well...I applied to University of South Florida and they ONLY go off of GPA, which makes chances of getting in better. Plus their NCLEX pass rate has been 100% the past 2 semesters.
    Good luck to you and again, congrats to all that got in!
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    thanks kynchanted!

    yeah, after i posted the last reply i called the nursing department and sandra pretty much told me the same thing. this is the only school i applied to and it looks like i will have to wait another year to apply since i plan to get pregnant this year.

    thanks again!!
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    Sorry Lee...but congrats on your decision to have a baby! And there is always next year...actually the only reason I applied to SFSU was because it had an accelerated program and only required 1 chemistry class (I was talking with CSU Sac before that)...if you are in the same boat as me, in another year you will be able to apply to more schools as well. I wish you the best, it just wasn't meant to be for us at SFSU this year. I won't try SFSU again next year since I have a really good shot at University of South Florida, but I wish you the best!
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    do not lose hope guys, i received a call TODAY!!!! and was told a place had opened up for this fall!!
    very excited, cant wait to start
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    Hey everybody, just wondering, for those who got in. Can you tell me about your gpa, background, work experience. I'm applying next year and I'm nervous I won't get in :/
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    hi, i'm applying for this program this year. >< i'm nervous as hell too!
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    Hi, I am applying for this program.. What was your prerequisite gpa & your teas score if you don't mind telling me? I didn't score above 80% so I'm nervous that I won't get accepted

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