SF Bay Area Speech Pre-req

  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone recommend a community college, junior college, extended learning program or any school where I can pick up my speech prerequisite during the SUMMER starting in JULY? (Note: It can't be an online class.)

    So far, I have been able to determine that CCSF has the class available (Speech 1a), however it starts in June, and I am unable to attend that month. And I'm not confident that they will offer a second Summer Session for July-Aug.

    Or, perhaps someone can confirm that CCSF will indeed have a Summer Session 2?

    Any info./advice is much appreciated.

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  3. by   SleeepyRN
    I'm just curious. Why can't it be online? You still give the speeches in the classroom. I just finished my class. It was my 3rd attempt at taking speech. Before nursing school with all the presentations I had to give, I was too anxious to give a speech. So I dropped the class twice. After FINALLY finishing speech, I'd be ****** if I found out my class wasn't accepted.
  4. by   lauraline
    Thanks for the reply...

    The program I am applying to won't allow online classes

    I live in Northern California, and it's so hard to get into any RN programs. I am pretty much applying EVERYWHERE possible. And it's ridiculous, because some require "interpersonal communication" and some require "public speaking", and some don't allow online classes. Some require chemistry and some don't. Some require organic chemistry too. It's so annoying, I am almost tempted to move somewhere else in the country.

    This speech requirement is a little annoying to me in the first place. I used to be on a Speech and Debate team, and won 2nd and 3rd place semi-finalist in the U.S. nationals tournament. So, I have no problems with public speaking, and in fact my current job requires me to speak in front of large groups anyway. And there's no way to test out of this prerequisite I guess. Seems silly to me. Anyway, just a little rant.

    I just need to take a "public speaking" class sometime this summer in July. I have to be out of country for family reasons during June, so that eliminates a lot of the colleges in my area. I would have taken it this Spring but my schedule was already full. /Sigh.

    Please let me know if you've got any ideas for me. I appreciate it.
  5. by   Clivia
    I would still contact the program of my choice, explain the experience with the speech and debate team and see what their reaction is.

    I chose not to apply to a program that is almost in my back yard and where I would have had a pretty good chance to get in to, since they would not waive an introductory course for nutrition while I have my masters' degree. Another program did, however.