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Self paced Lifespan Psych?

  1. 0 Hi all-

    Does anyone know of an easy, self-paced online Lifespan Psych class? Thanks!!!
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    Quote from yaynursing123
    Hi all-

    Does anyone know of an easy, self-paced online Lifespan Psych class? Thanks!!!
    I have to say that a psych lifespan class isn't going to be easy anywhere. It's a fair amount of reading and a new type of information (especially if you don't have children).

    There isn't an easy route for this class. It's not too terrible but sometimes, time consuming.

    Google, "Online psychology development class."

    Make sure it transfers before you take it!!!!

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    look in to the CLEP test for this. With the right study materials and a good month or so, you could ace it!
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    I am taking an online Psych 2020 (lifespan) class at the cuyahoga community college. It is really easy.
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    I am not sure if this is helpful to you, but University of Phoenix online does have a 5 week Lifespan Development course that is a 3 unit semester class. I needed Lifespan as a pre-req and wanted to get it done ASAP and took it through Univ of Phoenix. It is pricey ($3k for the class) and you do need to be on top of it to respond to class blogs during the week and complete group writing assignments ( which can be frustrating because not everyone wants to get an A and you could end up basically re-writing essays, but I won't go on my tirade there lol). Just a suggestion if you're looking for a class you can knock out in just over a month.