1. I am confused when looking for online schools.

    I have no pre requisites and no nursing knowledge....I am starting out fresh and new. I am wanting to get a BSN and just trying to figure out where to start. I have to do online schooling because I live on an island and do clinicals when I travel off. Just trying to find the correct school and program!


    Overwhelmed already!
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  3. by   RunBabyRN
    What is your educational goal? Where are you starting out?
    You CANNOT get a BSN, or even some of your prerequisites, from an accredited school online only. You may have to move to the mainland in order to obtain your nursing prereqs and degree.
    In order for schools to receive accreditation, there is a required lab element, which requires you to be in class (this applies to courses such as chemistry, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, etc). Also, nursing skills are taught in person, not online (do you want a Foley put in by someone who learned how to online?). Clinicals are done on the school's schedule, not yours.
    A lot of your general ed, I'd knock out online, as much of it can be done that way, but there are some things for which you will simply HAVE to be in class. I'd consider options for spending a couple of years on the mainland.
  4. by   loriangel14
    Did you really think you could learn nursing skills sitting at a computer? Like RunBabyRun says, you may be able to do some gen eds online but the other things will require hands on in the classroom and clinical placements will be held when the school tells you to be there.
  5. by   NurseGirl525
    Yeah some of your classes need to be done in person. I have heard of people doing labs online but I don't know how that works. Clinicals will be on a set schedule at a specific hospital depending on where you go to school. If there are no schools on your island and this is really what you want to do I would look at moving to a place where they have what you want.
  6. by   RP02554
    That sounds a little harsh. I know I cannot do the whole thing on a computer and I have actually done online schooling before for a different subject and it is much more challenging than being there in person. You do not understand the island living here and how hard it is to do things; it is like a different world. Also the nurses here have done nursing online as its an only option when your 30 miles out to sea and it costs $300.00 just to get off island. So relocating is not really an option specially since my brother is going through a tough battle of Leukemia and I am home taking care of him any time I'm not working.

    I know I will be doing clinicals and its not on my schedule that is something nurses do here and they help you out with it.

    I was just asking if you knew of any good schools however I am going to find another source it seems.

  7. by   NurseGirl525
    What do you mean harsh? It's a fact. You cannot do the whole thing online. You will have to do clinicals which will require you to be in a hospital setting. It's just a reality. You are going to have to learn stuff like cathing, IV lines, blood draws, just to name a few. Can't do that online. That's why it was suggested that you move if that is not offered on your island. If you are too busy right now, I would suggest you wait.
  8. by   loriangel14
    How is it harsh to tell the truth/ if you are going to go and do clinical placements you have to learn the hands on skills first. You can't do that over the computer.
  9. by   DadStudentPerhaps
    If your starting from scratch, meaning you don't already have a LPN, LVN, or RN... Your going to find that reaching your goal to be an RN is limited at best.

    There simply are no online classes that allow you to earn a RN starting from scratch. There are colleges that offer LPN/LVN to RN and Paramedic to RN online. Once you do earn your RN, there are RN to BSN courses as well. However, they all require some form of clinical work.

    As I posted on your other thread, given your unique situation, I would recommend looking into an online Paramedic class. You can do the bulk of the class online, then meet in a city of the schools choice to do clinical and testing. This is usually done in the span of a week or two. This would allow you to do all your school work on the island, then when it was time, meet for a week (maybe two weeks) and knock out your clinical.

    Once you have your Paramedic, you can take Paramedic to RN classes online. The school will likely help you find a hospital in your area to do the clinical portion of the training.

    Again, I am just suggesting looking into it to see if there is a road map you can follow to reach your goal of becoming a RN. If you think this might work, start doing some research. I think there may be a Paramedic school in Massachusetts that offers online classes. Also, look for colleges that allow Paramedic to RN online. I know there is one in Florida. Call each school and learn all the particulars. Make sure it will work for you before you dive in head first.
  10. by   futureRnwaiting
    Not to damper your dream or anything! But I personally say get in where ever you can. Nursing is beyond hard to get into...I been waiting for years to get to the point I am. If an ADN program accepts you go for it then get your BSN! It took me 2-3 years for the pre-courses because I worked and my own personal life. Then I decided to pursue a 4 year degree which I will finish very soon at Fresno State "Health Admin" Since I love the business side of healthcare. However I need to pass the teas with a good score and plan on working on getting in the program when I finish what I started. BSN is anyones best bet but the more education (or relevant education) the better! So expand your horizons and be well-rounded trust me!
  11. by   Shorty11
    Based on your particular situation and location, it is hard to suggest a school for you without knowing your area and nursing schools in that particular area. Most, if dare I say almost all, BSN programs (for those who are not already nurses- RNs,LVN/LPNs), at minimum will require you to be present for all clinicals and maybe even on campus proctored exams... even if they do offer an online-based curriculum. It may be possible, but I would expect it would be next to impossible to find a "completely"online traditional BSN program. You say that nurses you know on the island have attended online programs? Did they attend these online programs pre-licensure to become a nurse or did they attend online programs after already being a licensed nurse in order to obtain an additional degree/certification (as in an RN-BSN program)? Maybe you should ask the locals in your area. Maybe the nurses on your island could guide you towards a program that would work for you better than we could (w online courses and going onto the mainland for your clinicals). Not trying to be harsh, just realistic. While doing your basics, pre-reqs, and even some co-reqs to nursing is possible online...Once you reach time for nursing courses themselves, i would think it may be very difficult to find a program that meets the criteria you seek. Best of luck.
  12. by   RunBabyRN
    I wasn't trying to be harsh. I was being realistic. There are some things you simply HAVE to do in person. There are no two ways about it. If that's absolutely 100% impossible for you right now, then you'll have to postpone those things. That's the reality.
    I do understand how expensive it is to get around from Nantucket- I used to live in RI. I'm very familiar. So that's why I say that if you want to go to nursing school, you'll have to move off the island for a few years. Plenty of people move for nursing school, partly because it IS so hard to get in that they take what they can get and move wherever they need to in order to receive the education they seek.
    I've also never heard of a program (and maybe some people have, so correct me if I am wrong here) that lets you pick and choose your clinical sites and nurses. Your instructor needs to be able to be physically available to you. They need to observe you doing certain things, and usually there's a skills checklist they need to sign off on. There's a lot that you have to learn about how nursing school works, quite frankly, and it isn't as flexible as you seem to think it is. Again, I'm not trying to be harsh, I'm trying to save you hours of searching for a school that doesn't exist.