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Retake A&P I?

  1. 0 I'm currently a Pre-Nursing student and I have about half of my prerequisites completed. I don't plan on applying to nursing school until Fall 2013. However, I don't know whether or not my original A&P I grade will hurt me during the application process. My current grades look like the following:

    Human Anatomy & Physiology I - C
    Psychology - B
    Sociology - A
    English Composition I - B
    College Algebra - A
    Philosophy - A
    Child Growth & Development - A
    Lifespan Growth & Development - A
    Human Anatomy & Physiology II - B *(Currently a B but hopefully an A by the end of the semester)

    My question is do you think I should retake A&P I or will I be okay leaving it as is? My GPA at the end of this semester, if I make all A's, will roughly be a 3.5. Thank you so much in advance for any help - it's greatly appreciated!!
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    That's a tough call if you pull an A in AP2. If it were me, I would retake AP1 over the summer. It will be easy and quick for you, and it can only help your resume.
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    How competitive is your program to get into? I know most have a minimum GPA for admission, but applications are so competitive that you may need a higher GPA than 3.5 to get in. Again, it all depends on the program you're apply to. I agree with the previous post that you might want to re-take AP I over the summer to boost your grade, if you need a higher GPA to get in.
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    I would check with the schools that you want to apply to. At some schools it may hurt your chances more than help.
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    Right now, I don't necessarily have a definite school I wish to apply for due to location, family, etc. I still have half of my prerequisites left to complete so hopefully closer to the fall I will have a more definite school. Thank you so much for all of the help, I appreciate it!!
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    Well at my school you have to have at least a C+ in A&P to be considered for the nursing program. And also the A&P 1 grade counts about 25% in their decision making. So it would be best to get an A. I don't know how your school does it though.
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    Sometimes a repeat on your transcript is worse then the original grade. Alot of schools look down on repeats. All depends on the school. Good luck