Reading my worst subject????

  1. I'm barely 18 & I took the college placement and I received a 79% on reading and they excused me from the highest reading class at the community college. That's one class off of my requirements to get into nursing school.

    Do you think I will be ok if I get a B in most of my classes and some A's?
    The gpa requirement is 2.5 and above to get into nursing but I'm worried about the 79% grade.
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  3. by   ShaeMarie
    You should always aim high in prereqs. During the selection process they start at 4.0 and work there way down until all available slots are filled (along with other ranking criteria), but your GPA can make or break you on paper with those committees. 3.0 isn't always good enough depending on the program's reputation and competitiveness.
  4. by   marycarney
    The 79% was on a placement test, and should have no bearing on your GPA. College students don't generally take 'reading classes' and so you were 'excused' from a remedial class it seems. At least, if your community college is like ours that's how it is.
    Good luck in your studies - work really, really hard on your prereqs and get the absolutely highest GPA you possibly can.