Question for those who have applied to nursing school

  1. Just wondering if anyone schools typically send a letter letting you know they received your application materials? I am a little paranoid my application will get "lost." The day I handed in all my stuff, I later got a call from the school saying I needed one of the forms I had already given them. I went back in and they ended up finding it. Stuff like that just makes me nervous! Really hoping the nursing department will let me know they got everything..
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  3. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    Different schools handle this in different ways. At my School, we send out an email to the applicant when the application is complete to let them know it is being forwarded to the committee for review. We provide applicants with an online 'checklist' so you can track what materials (recommendations, transcripts, etc are received). We only receive only 600 graduate applications per year, so we can track this individually for the applicant.

    Admissions to all undergraduate programs at my University is done through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. They receive over 30,000 applications per year for all programs. They do not send out individual emails to applicants letting them know that everything is received.
  4. by   Nursing2102
    Like UVA Grad Nursing said^.... all schools do it differently. Your best bet is to just keep on top of the admissions department to check in and make sure they have everything from you that they need. Once I applied to my school, they sent me a post card with 2 things checked off that I needed to send in to them in order for my application to be complete. About 2-3 days after I sent them the requested info, I called to make sure they got what they needed in order for all my stuff to be in order to allow me to register for classes.

    Call the admissions dept just to make sure.
  5. by   Cherry02
    Thanks for the replies! I overheard a couple people talking, and one of them said their friend got a letter that said her application was received, but neither one of the people I heard talking had received a letter yet. I handed my application in on January 26, and the deadline was February 1. If I don't get anything in the mail today, I will definitely call.
  6. by   willowita
    I would call the school if you're not sure. I, myself, have been on the phone for the last two weeks making sure transcripts are being received. I'm sure they're tired of me by now . But I won't be able to sleep at night worrying about lost mail.
  7. by   jtboog2003
    I always email the school and constantly ask for updates on my application materials received. I do that so if by the off chance anything does turn up missing, I have documented proof that they told me that they received them, so that it is not my fault, and I won't be penalized. I asked for updates constantly up until the deadline, to give them the chance to change anything.
  8. by   DarkLotus
    Although the nursing program applications are not due for the schools I am applying to until the end of the month, I have been calling after each step. Two days after I did the online application I called to confirm they got it. A week after requesting my transcripts I called to confirm they were being sent, then another week I called the new university to make sure they got there. Then I called about a half dozen time asking where the application was (I was originaly told it would be online by 1/20 but did not see it till 1/30). Now I'm going crazy writing the essay. I am wondering if I should call in with a question I have about it?
    The essay is required but no where in the application packet does it say how many points or what percentage of the application is based on how well the essay is written. Like they dont say twenty-five percent is based on the essay and the rest on grades. So I'm kind of stressing out that my 3.98 gpa and a so-so essay won't get me in. I mean if half of the ponts are based on the essay then I have to write something that kicks a**.
    Would you call or email for clarificaiton regarding what weight the essay has in the application?