Question about Pre-Res Classes?

  1. If I (a senior as of this fall 2012) have already taken advanced algebra, and chem., and bio, and anatomy and physiology in high school...will I need to take more pre-res classes for nursing (to become an rn) ?

    Also is it smart for me to buy like one nursing book - like the fundamentals of nursing just to kind of begin to understand things To kinda get ahead of the game
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  3. by   nyteshade
    Yes, you will still need to take pre-reqs in college, unless you have taken AP courses or are able to CLEP some requirements. Start contacting colleges/universities you are interested in now, and find out what those pre-reqs are, and if AP coursework/CLEP are acceptable.
  4. by   watashi
    The A&P you took in high school probably counts as A&P1. There is still A&P2 and Microbiology that most of the schools around here require. Most want Intro psychology, so if you have a chance to take AP or CLEP this year, that might be a good one to get done. The BSN programs also want to see Statistics (another one you can do AP), and Developmental Psych or abnormal psych. It varies a LOT from school to school. Sometimes a course has to be that school's own special version, and can't be transferred in by any means. Not all the pre reqs need to be done before you apply, and some can even be done as co-requisites alongside your nursing work.

    I second nyteshade's advice - contact or look on the website of schools you are considering. The pre-reqs and application process are not standardized much at all.
  5. by   zoe92
    Yes, it really does vary from school to school. But unless you take AP exams or CLEP exams for these high school classes and score high enough, you will not receive college credit. I would not look at nursing fundamentals books either, focus first on doing well in pre requisite classes. You could always see if one of your local hospitals does "nurse shadowing" where you follow a nurse for the day.