1. At my community college I'm taking my pre reqs and am not doing well in science.. I was wondering if its better to take the bad grade (below C) or withdraw from the class? We have 3 chances to take it and they take the best grade and prior to this I had As and Bs in my other pre reqs I don't want to ruin my GPA! I was invited to Honors Society before this class too ;( I know Nursing is my passion and plan on working much harder next time I take this class! Do you think I should take the same professor or a different one and does it help a bunch to take the same teacher for lab and lecture?
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  3. by   SopranoKris
    I'd take the W and drop the class. You don't want a D affecting your GPA. A W looks better than a D!
  4. by   alibear27
    I would take the W. Some schools subtract points for a W, but it usually won't impact your score as much as a D or F would. Some schools don't care about W's and it won't be considered a problem at all. As long as you don't have more than one or two W's on your record I think that would be much better overall than taking a D or F.
  5. by   alibear27
    Do you think your poor grade is just due to your lack of time & energy to put into the class, or do you think your current professor is the problem? I would also try to poll your classmates about your various professor's reputations. Depending on your experience, sometimes a change of professor is just what you need. I took a W in Physio, I consider myself pretty smart but this guy was really driving me up the wall with his teaching & testing style. The next term I took it with a different professor and had a much better experience, and I felt like I was actually learning much more. However, maybe you already have the professor with the best reputation. Consider carefully, and utilize websites like "rate my professor", they are actually pretty helpful sometimes.

    Also, I would think that having the same professor for both lab and lecture would be the best way to go. Why make it harder on yourself trying to meet two different professor's standards for the same material?
  6. by   MommaTy
    It is better to withdraw. I have like 3 withdrawals, which look better then a failing grade on a transcript. They don't know why you withdrew, and don't ask. They know things happen. They also don't know if you left in the beginning of a semester or the end of a semester. I was accepted for the RN program fall 2013 at my community college
  7. by   Malorymug
    Take the W. I'm going back to school after 18 years and have a couple of "D's" hanging around. They are embarrassing actually because I'm a very different student now. I'm grateful I will have them replaced soon. I would have been much happier with Ws.
  8. by   acunnin4
    I agree...take the Withdrawal. At the Community College that I go to, to get into nursing school you have to have a "C" or better in all of your pre-reqs. A "W" looks so much better than a "D".

    Good luck in your all of your classes!
  9. by   MrsStudentNurse
    Take the w, look at it as a learning experience and rock the class next go around!
  10. by   Amylovesnursing
    Does a W just look like a withdraw and not affect your gpa?
  11. by   jeli42
    I agree. Withdraw. Although some schools take a point off (those on a point system) it looks much better than a D. And since you are usually an A/B student, you can say it was circumstances during that time. Just don't get too many or you will actually not even be able to apply. Like you said I believe it is 2 or 3 withdrawals max. And lastly, make sure you get a good grade the next time around