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  1. One of the schools I applied to and have been accepted at has been put on this status with the BON due to low test scores on the NCLEX. This has me very concerned. They have always been in the high 90% or 100% but now are at mid 60%. Do you think I should just walk away from this one and go with one of the other two schools where I have been accepted? This really scares me. When checking my states BON NCLEX results for schools it appears almost all of the schools dropped scores but none of the ones I am considering dropped like this.
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  3. by   zoe92
    Personally I would look elsewhere.. I have applied to six BSN programs in my state. I made sure all of them were accredited and had an 80% & above its their first time pass rates on the NCLEX. Dropping so suddenly so low is definitely concerning. You could also call & ask the school what they are doing to improve their scores if you think the school had a bad year.
  4. by   elkpark
    State BONs always have a policy that a school is put "on probation" for NCLEX scores below a certain level. Occasionally this happens even with schools that have a good history, because of a change in curriculum that turns out to have been a bad idea , or some kind of fluke/coincidence. Usually the schools jump right up and fix whatever the problem is, and get off probation as soon as possible. It's pretty rare for a school to actually lose its BON approval. And the probation doesn't affect the students in any way. If you have been accepted to other schools and feel good about those programs, its an easy choice to just go elsewhere, but, if this school was your first choice, I wouldn't necessarily rule them out. I would have some serious conversations with them about what the problem was and what they're doing about it, though.