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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I am a prospective nursing student. I have been attending a community college and will be receiving a general studies associates spring '12, and will have prereqs for a variety of nursing colleges in the area finished. Im hoping to speak with Catholic University Nursing, University of Maryland School of Nursing Shady Grove and Marymount University Nursing students and alumni.
    Im wondering..... if after admission into the nursing program there were any 'core' courses to take along side of the nursing courses, the cost of attendance, scholarship and financial aid options, the overall difficulty of the program, what your applying GPAs were like and any other helpful tips any one may have for me!

    I appreciate you checking out my thread, and for any information you provide! Thank you!
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  3. by   windsurfer8
    I graduated from Marymount U. in 08. I was in the Accelerated BSN program. Great school
  4. by   leenak
    I think University of Maryland has one of the best programs in the area and it happens to be the cheapest. I have a friend who graduated from Catholic University and her advice was stay away.

    Most of the programs have classes unique to their programs meaning once you are in the nursing program, you are taking nursing classes. Usually ADN programs have some generic classes mixed in them, BSN programs generally don't as those generic classes are covered by your pre-reqs.
  5. by   drea588
    Thank you both for your replies and input.
    CUA now no longer accepts transfers into their accelerated BSN program! This just changed in the past couple of weeks, so that is no longer in the running for me. I also looked further into the Marymount U. program, the out of state tuition is very high and also, the drive would not be wise for me to attempt.

    I decided to stay at my community college and get an ADN and then apply into an RN-BSN program. I feel as if it is the less expensive route, and best for me as I need to work while I study, which I will be able to do throughout my studies.