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    Morning! I'm new to this forum, but I've been visiting this website for quit e some time. I'm a pre-nursing student. I'm registered to take the pre-nln exam in about three weeks. I've been looking online for different study guides to buy, but I keep seeing different opinions on them. I was wondering if anyone could guide me to a particular pre nln study guide. So far, I've been using a few different cliff notes books, but I need something more in depth. Is there anyone who has taken this particular exam recently that could help guide me in the right direction? Thanks in advance
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    I never used a specific PAX study guide. It was similar to the HESI A2 contnet. I took HESI A2 twice (once at each school, because the school can customize that exam,) I took NLN PAX once. The English was almost identical on the HESI & PAX.

    I had a HESI A2 study book, the free download of the McGraw Hill nursing pre-entrance exam book, a Cliff's Notes General Biology, a Cliff's Nursing School Entrance Exam study book, and a GED math book. Overall, I took the HESI 2x, the PAX once, and a couple of TEAS or Workkeys or some such tests for LPN before settling on the school that I attended. Scored very high on all of them, very easily.

    Somebody posted a link of here for a free HESI study guide download, and I got the link for the McGraw Hill on here, too. Search, and you'll probably find them. The HSEI link was just posted with the past month or so.
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    I took the exam a few weeks ago and used the Jones and Bartlett study guide the NLN recommends. I found it to be very helpful and the math section was pretty much identical to the exam. It helped this girl get a 142 composite score so I definitely recommend it . Good luck!

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