Pre-nln study guide...need some advice

  1. Morning! I'm new to this forum, but I've been visiting this website for quit e some time. I'm a pre-nursing student. I'm registered to take the pre-nln exam in about three weeks. I've been looking online for different study guides to buy, but I keep seeing different opinions on them. I was wondering if anyone could guide me to a particular pre nln study guide. So far, I've been using a few different cliff notes books, but I need something more in depth. Is there anyone who has taken this particular exam recently that could help guide me in the right direction? Thanks in advance
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  3. by   TC3200
    I never used a specific PAX study guide. It was similar to the HESI A2 contnet. I took HESI A2 twice (once at each school, because the school can customize that exam,) I took NLN PAX once. The English was almost identical on the HESI & PAX.

    I had a HESI A2 study book, the free download of the McGraw Hill nursing pre-entrance exam book, a Cliff's Notes General Biology, a Cliff's Nursing School Entrance Exam study book, and a GED math book. Overall, I took the HESI 2x, the PAX once, and a couple of TEAS or Workkeys or some such tests for LPN before settling on the school that I attended. Scored very high on all of them, very easily.

    Somebody posted a link of here for a free HESI study guide download, and I got the link for the McGraw Hill on here, too. Search, and you'll probably find them. The HSEI link was just posted with the past month or so.
  4. by   winterlights08
    I took the exam a few weeks ago and used the Jones and Bartlett study guide the NLN recommends. I found it to be very helpful and the math section was pretty much identical to the exam. It helped this girl get a 142 composite score so I definitely recommend it . Good luck!