Pre-College Req?

  1. Hi, i was wondering if a GED is enough for me to get into a nursing program or would i have to take certain high school courses or other mandatory classes on my own time before even applying to a nursing program? If i did have to take any classes what would they be? Also, are these what all the prerequisites threads are on or is that for something else? i can't really tell since most of the OP's of those threads seem to already be in school..
    I live in SoCal if it matters

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  3. by   Faint
    I've looked it up a lil more myself but im still wondering if i could take these courses while in a nursing program or would i have to drop everything take these classes and then apply? I also kinda doubt the GED will account for anything now which means i have to take these classes independently... but im pretty sure i've done a few of these courses in high school with passing grades i just need to find my old transcripts hand that in with the GED,finish the other courses,then apply to an RN program right?...
  4. by   Saysfaa
    You don't need to take any high school classes. If you are under 18 you might need to take the California proficiency test (I'm don't know if that is the same as a GED or not) for the CA school. You should probably check with the schools to confirm.

    You do need to take the list of prereqs but these are college level classes so high school level classes would not fill the requirement - unless you took them as AP classes and passed the AP test or took them as a dual-enrollment student (actually enrolled in a college and in the college class while you were high school student). Once in a while, but rarely, a prereq will specifiy that a high school class will fill it. More often, the prereq listed will have a prereq that could be either high school or college.

    Some schools require you finish all the prereqs before you can apply to the nursing program, most recommend that but some expect students to take some of the nursing classes while they take some of the prereqs.

    There may (and probably are) other classes that are needed to graduate but aren't listed by the school. These are general education (gen ed) classes and can be taken anytime. Most people take them before entering the nursing program because the nursing classes don't leave much extra time. Gen Ed usually include things like a physical education class, history or social studies, a fine art, sometimes a foreign language. They will be listed under graduation requirements with a link from either the main page or the academics page (or put it into the search bar of the school website). Your CA link doesn't show them (or the college admission requirements) because it is all about the nursing program, not the college in general.
  5. by   Faint
    Thx alot saysfaa that actually cleared alot of things up for me and ill definitely call the school and ask if i can take a few prerequisites while attending the college since i kinda want to do everything at the same time rather than a few classes prior to the associates program and studying shouldn't really be a problem for me since i sort of plan on becoming a night-time security guard while attending college which should give me plenty of time to study
    im 18 and outta high school btw
  6. by   Saysfaa
    You are welcome.

    I'm not sure if we are just using different terms for the same thing or if we are saying different things. I'm not sure if you mean "associates program" to mean "nursing program". It kind of does but it isn't usually said that way. Or if you mean "associates program" to mean the whole 64 credits you will need to get an associates degree, of which some of them will be from the nursing program.

    Anyway, if you mean it as the "nursing program" even the colleges that allow some of the prereqs to be taken while you take some of the nursing classes still require some (or many or most) of them to be finished before you take any nursing classes.

    Either way, "taking prereqs" is always done while "attending the college" or at least attending some college - sometimes they are taken at a different college and transfered.
  7. by   Miiki
    Start at a community college. They usually will allow you to enter with a GED or as a HS dropout and will make you take placement tests. If you are trying to do a ASN program, try to start at that school. If you want a BSN, take at least the number of hours that the university or college requires to be considered a transfer student. At that point, your high school background is pretty close to meaningless. (Too few hours and the university will require high school stuff.)