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Hi, I am a pre-nursing student. I am trying to get into the nursing program for fall and I need to make to retake 2 of the four sciences to get in. I applied for the nursing program at my school for the first time and didn't get... Read More

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    did you check with the college to see if you can even retake courses you already passed? C's are considered passes and some schools wont even allow you to retake courses you already passed. I know financial aid won't pay for you to retake them so most likely you will have to pay for them yourself or pay another college to get it done. The second thing is, since you got C's first time around you should consider taking these separately to focus on one at a time and get A's. Rushing to get them done could leave you ending up getting C's again.
    As you know nursing is a very competitive and you really need A's in the sciences. If you talk to the school and they said you cant retake, your alternative route would be to get into an LPN program which is usually 1 year in length and then do a bridge LPN to RN or LPN to BSN program might be the best course of action in your case. Talk to an advisor about your options.

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    In my school A&P I and II are combined into one semester. I loved every minute of that class, but boy, was it intense!
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    It depends on your school. I took both of them in the same semester last spring (I had to retake API because it had been over 5 years since I'd taken it and my school has a rule that it has to be within 5 years for application to the nursing program). It was a little rough, but doable. The main difficulty was just learning two systems at a time instead of one, but I finished with an A and a B, so yes, it can be done. Good luck!
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    I have already talk to my advisor and I can retake those classes even though I have passed them already. I also check with other nursing programs that I will be applying to and they said its ok. She was the one who considered that I should retake them and my school will pay for them if i retake them. Now if I were to retake those classes a third time then I would have to pay for them at my university. I definitly see what you're saying about taking those classes one at a time. I'm thinking about doing that instead.

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