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just got my letter in the mail telling me that my BSN program has recieved my application, but i won't know anything until the middle of march. i am super nervous, lol. i have a 3.8 gpa, but i am... Read More

  1. by   SopranoKris
    I won't know anything until the end of April. The wait is KILLING me!!!
  2. by   ameliagal
    I'm hoping to hear something from them in the next few days, I leave my phone and computer on my email. I don't know anyone else that's applied to the program either . Late march is coming to an end sooon..............Good luck to you!! I hope you get in your program I'll post if I hear anything I really don't want another rejection letter
  3. by   Boxer Mama
    A classmate today asked if I had received the email informing me the school had received my application, which I have not, and I mailed it back on February 14th. I am now waiting to hear back from the school because the application window closes in less than a week! Not quite the waiting I had planned....
  4. by   ameliagal
    I had to email my school to see if they received all my materials and then they send a confirmation email. I sent my stuff in jan 24th and didnt hear back til end of Feb when I had to email them. Now it's late March and still no email about acceptance/denial to their program
  5. by   futurenurseclark
    I have to wait until mid June. : /
  6. by   ShyeoftheTiger
    I'm pretty much dying! And spring break isn't helping haha good luck, everyone!
  7. by   ameliagal
    I got my email today I'm so excited I've been waiting a long time for this