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  1. Hey everyone. I'm new to the site and glad to be here!

    I will be starting nursing school this fall, however to secure my spot I must have my doctor fill out the mandatory health forms that the school has mailed to me. On this form, it has a spot for the doctor to enter the physical date and it must be within 12 months of the start of classes (which would be September). However, my last physical was done on July 24th 2007, and when I called my doctor's office to make a physical appt, they said the next available date to get a physical exam would be on September 22nd this year!

    I talked to the receptionist, and she said I don't need an appointment to have my doctor fill out the health forms....but I'm scared that my doctor will put down my last physical exam date, which is obv not within 12 months of September! Any advice?? I don't want to not be able to go to nursing school because of something this silly.
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  3. by   Bicster
    see another dr, its only a physical.
  4. by   Bridgett
    Why would you have to wait until September 22 to get a physical? That seems like an awfully long wait! It's only April right now, right?
  5. by   morningstarRN
    I would ask to see another doctor in the practice. They can usually fit you in earlier if you are willing to see someone else. Our walk in will even do physicals so you might want to look into some of your local walk in clinics.
  6. by   Scooter321
    Does your doctor's practice have NPs or PAs? The wait for a non-urgent physical at my PCPs is also several months, but if I say I'm happy for the Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner to do it, I can get in MUCH sooner. Just did it, in fact. Not that it did me much good, as I didn't get in to the nursing program this year anyway, but that's another story.

    I'm sure you will find a way around this. As you say, it is too ridiculous to contemplate that you would be held back from your dream of being a for something so minor. Good luck!
  7. by   RN BSN 2009
    our schools health center offers them for about $110 including lab work
  8. by   CRIMSON
    Try your school. Most have on campus clinics that offer super low cost, just show proof of acceptance. If not have one, see other doc.

    Yeah for getting in.