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    Has anyone taken there nursing program online? Or people that take it all onsite would it be possible? I work full time in a doctors office, and this would allow me to do all my class work online, then do a 12 hr clinical at a hospital once a week, is this feasible or should I jut try to do it all onsite and drop hrs at work?Thank you

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    You could do some prerequistes online but the actual nursing program you would have to show up for.You have to at least attend school for skills labs. You learn and practice skills before the clinicals start.You couldn't just go and do a clinical placement when it suited you. You have to go when and where the program tells you to.
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    Where do you live? I know of two completely online programs in Texas, and the school I'm going to is online/on campus. Two days a week on campus for the most part. There's several threads about the online schools on here. Western governors university is online and has programs for many areas. It's accredited, and from what I've heard seems to be legit.
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    I live in nj and the school im attending offers it like this
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    what program in Texas are online?
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    Just make absolutely sure of accreditation. Too many horror stories on here. Then, make sure that you are capable of learning online. I am not, and I know this about myself. Then, find out about the hidden hours you may have, like labs. My program gives us a block schedule and then, adds on to it all semester. Some weeks, we have labs, lab practice time, practicums, lecture and clinicals. The only thing that could be done online there is lecture.

    I hope it works out for you!
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