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Hello, I am looking into potentially becoming a nurse if I can. Early this past year, I was diagnosed with an illness that kind of came out of left field. It's definitely taken it's toll on me a bit (I've been out on leave for... Read More

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    Google for 'health insurance' on the website of the schools where you want to apply. If there is a school policy, the terms of that policy or a link to the insurance company provide will be provided. At my University, there is a student health policy with approximately 7000 members (it is open to all students regardless of school or degree). In the case of my university, the information on the SHIP is on the Student Health Office website.

    Health insurance policies very from insurance company to insurance company, state to state, and particular group to group. I encourage you to look at the details and terms of a specific policy and not rely on second-hand reports from this board when you are making important decisions concerning your potential health coverage and whether or not to pursue education.

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    Hi UVA Grad Nursing, thanks for the advice. Yes my next step is to start contacting prospective schools regarding their SHIP. Some school websites provide a lot of detail regarding their health insurance coverage and cost and others not so much. So hopefully once I get to that point of contacting the schools directly, I'll have a better understanding of each school's health insurance policies. Just wanted to post here to see what people who've been there/done that decided to do during their time in school.

    Would you happen to know off-hand if your University's student health insurance covers students with a pre-existing condition? Also, are you referring to University of Virginia? Thanks.

    @apocatastasis Thanks for the info, it's good to know.
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    I agree to check with your state laws. Also, my state has a program where they offer pretty good health ins for people that cannot get insured elsewhere, rates are pretty reasonable. I have a history of CHF and I am in my early 30's (it has been under control for awhile now) and no one wants to insure me! So check to see if your state offers anything like that.
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    Thank you for posting this question and for everyone's responses. My nursing program also requires health insurance (of course, since we'll be exposed to all sorts of diseases and injuries in the hospital) but I have type 1 diabetes and have never been able to get private insurance. Thanks for giving suggestions to check out.
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    Hi bmelissa,

    I'm in California and looking to stay here. The good news being here is that a resident is allowed up to 36 months of COBRA coverage. Haven't looked at the state's insurance programs since passage of the Obama's healthcare act. However, I do know that the state has two programs, the PCIP (Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plan) and MRMIP (Major Risk Medical Insurance Plan) for people with PECs of which I will be looking over with a fine tooth comb. Also, don't know how things will be come 2014, my target year to start nursing school. So can I presume that you're covered through your state's PCIP?

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