Nursing Is My Dream, However..

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    Ever since I was young I always wanted to be a nurse, however I slipped up in high school due to family and personal choices. I live in New York City and recently found out it's hard to get into a nursing programs in colleges, especially CUNY . And giving the C- average I have (due to my mom moving me out the country and my slip ups in school) it seems like there is NO POSSIBLE WAY FOR ME TO BECOME A NURSE.

    I bounced back from a 61 h.s average to a 74 in one year. I am very hardworking and take full responsibility for my decisions but I'd just like to know is there ANY hope for me given my circumstances to become a nurse?

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    First, have you ever tried to get into any colleges?
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    Quote from qkh (:
    First, have you ever tried to get into any colleges?
    yes but I wouldn't be able to get into a nursing program given my average.
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    Get into a community college, rock your prerequisite courses and THEN apply for nursing programs. They'll look at your college gpa and see how hard you've worked.
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    Once I made 30 credits in college, no school asked to see my high school transcripts anymore. I agree with PP, take some pre reqs at a CC & get good grades. Then you will have any easier time getting into nursing school.
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    Quote from destinihylton
    yes but I wouldn't be able to get into a nursing program given my average.
    I didn't know nursing schools looked at your high school GPA. I agree with BeccaC623, get into a community college & do good on all your pre-reqs, then you shouldn't have a problem getting into a nursing program.
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    Once you start accumulating college credit, your high school grades don't matter any more. The only reason you would need to submit your high school transcripts when you apply to nursing school is for proof of graduation. This is a common misconception of people in high school. They won't care what your grades were. Go to a community and take all of your prerequisite courses there. It will save you money and you can build up your new college GPA there. Now if you're talking about getting into a traditional college to start your prerequisite classes straight from high school then yes, you may have some trouble because the only grades you have are your high school grades. I also had a rough life in high school and therefore didn't do well. I use to freak out and think there was no hope for me! I went to a community college, got a job, and now I have a 3.5 GPA now Your dream is not out of reach!
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    As a CUNY grad, you don't really have anything to work about. Most of the nursing programs in the CUNY system do not have direct admissions. You have to receive admissions first and then take the prereqs (which can be a year or more). Admission is based on the grades of the prereqs. I would advise you to see if you can enter a CUNY school first. You do not have to declare a major until you complete 60 credits. Focus on those classes. HS classes will matter once you have a college GPA.
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    Start taking prereqs to get your GPA up, maybe try different nursing schools in more rural areas. It seemed to be easier for me to get in due to the area I live in from more populated ones.
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    Hey love, I have the exact same issue. I grew up in PA and went to Penn State and my GPA was around 3.4. When I moved down south (TN) I enrolled in a community college and changed my major a bunch of times. I ...effed...UP, way more than a student should. Even though I went through academic probation...I still kept in mind what I wanted and how I was going to do it. I was planning on going through an LPN program (that costs a butt load but I was almost guaranteed into the program, but the credits didnt transfer anywhere else) I decided not to and instead I am working hard to get into a BSN program

    My advice, don't stop! Look at your school options and go see the admissions officers. You can usually right up an academic appeal that will allow you to study even with an almost non existent gpa

    Anyways hun, keep your chin got this!!!! :3

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