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I'm new to and I have found this to be so informative! I'm 21 and I'm currently waiting to start nursing school in fall of 2013 in New Jersey! And I couldn't be anymore excited. I've always wanted to be in the... Read More

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    If you are not interested in the NP I would recommend MD/DO over PA, unless money and time commitment is a big issue.

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    It also depends what type of practice you want to have. In some states NPs can be pretty independent, with prescriptive authority, opening their own practices and such. Whereas a PA can't, they are delegated to and have to work under a physician in every state. There's huge debates going on now about NP and them gaining more and more freedom whereas PAs aren't. Some have stated PAs are more like technicians since they're taught guidelines whereas NPs are more focused on critical thinking and holistic care. Look into it for yourself and decide which you like.

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