Not to late to take Microbiology Online !!!

  1. you can still take an online microbiology this semester in a quick term course.

    i have just started the microbiology online course at ocean county college for the spring semester and find it to be a wonderful way to learn. the course is perfect for a working mom and the instructor. the instructor is great.

    they have opened a spring 2009 quick term course because the course is so popular. this is a 10 week course starting february 26 and ends may 13, 2009. you need to purchase a microscope and a labpaq and should have finished you’re a&p or biology course as a prerequisite.

    we have pre-nursing students in the course from all across the united states. if you need a microbiology course and have a busy life, i highly recommend this one!!!

    jersey nursing girl
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  3. by   Lucky Latina
    Hey, Jersey Nursing Girl,

    I am in your same class. Can you believe we have so many students from different places? I know one is from Hawaii and another from Germany and we have a bunch from Pennsylvania, New York and Connecticut. The woman from Germany's husband is on active duty and a number of them are getting their prerequisite courses out of the way before they return to the States and begin a nursing program.

    My kids actually have a blast helping me with the labs at home. I have them wear white shirts and pretend they are scientists. We actually had them Gram Stain the organisms in yogurt, it was a blast. I bought the microscope camera $59 and we had a wonderful time. I am hoping to use it for one of their science projects after the course is over. The course is fantastic.

    It is great Ocean County College is offering a Spring Quick Term that starts February 26 for anyone who needs to get Microbiology out of the way, online is a great way to go! I understand they will run it again in the summer.

    The course number is BIOL 232 Microbiology DL1 in the Spring 2009 Quick Term. If you don't live in Jersey you have to pay the out of State rate but it's still dirt cheap.

    Give it a try!
    Lucky Latina
  4. by   Amanda1985
    Quick question...
    I had applied there to take that class, but it said since I was a new student I had to register in person? Well I am in CA and can't do that.
    So how did you guys register? T
  5. by   Jersey Nursing Girl
    dear as27,

    you do need to call the registrar and let them know you are not close by. sometimes you do get someone who can't think out of the box. you can download the application right over the internet. here is what their website says to do:

    "students out of the area - currently attending students can often register online, using [color=#003a66]webadvisor. if you are not currently attending, and are not in the ocean county area at this time, it is possible for a part time student to register for a course via a combination of mail/phone contact.

    first, if you have never attended or are not currently attending occ, complete and mail an application for admission. print out the [color=#003a66]application, complete all information, and mail (along with a copy of your identification) to:
    registration and records
    ocean county college
    college drive
    toms river, nj 08754
    students who are attending a four year school must also enclose a copy of the student id card from that school.

    second, enclose with your application a letter requesting registration in the course you wish to take, and include the official course name and section (i.e., general psychology, psyc 172-e2). use [color=#003a66]webadvisor to be certain of the exact course/section you want, and to ascertain whether or not that course/section still has availability. include your phone number in this letter, so that a staff member may call you to confirm we have received and acted upon your request. note that payment is due upon registration, so you should be prepared to pay over the phone via credit card, by calling the cashiers office at 732.255.0324.

    applicants with specific questions should contact the registration and records office at 732.255.0304"
    here is the website for the biol 232 microbiology dl course:

    good luck! its worth the effort.
    jersey nursing girl
  6. by   Amanda1985
    Ok Thanks so much!!!
  7. by   ajroth19
    For those that are out of state are you able to transfer these classes for your nursing programs?
  8. by   Jersey Nursing Girl
    dear ajroth19,

    i spoke to the professor who teaches the totally online microbiology course. he said that ocean county college is a regionally accredited college and students have no trouble transferring the science courses because the laboratories are actually "hands-on" labs that are directed by distance education. he says that most of the students are pre-nursing students from all over the country. the transcript does not indicate that it is an online course. it appears on the transcript just as a face-to-face course does.

    here is the website for the biol 232 microbiology dl course:

    his number is 732 255-0400 ext 2446 if you need further information.

    the next course starts in spring 2009 quick term which begins february 26 and ends may 13, 2009. it is super convenient and easy to follow.

    i truly love this course,

    jersey nursing girl
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  9. by   PrincessO
    This is another website that offers micro and other science courses
  10. by   ajroth19
    Just letting you guys know that my school has just stated that NO science course that has a non supervised lab will be excepted. Make sure you check with your schools first!!