Not confident in myself!

  1. I'm starting nursing school in the spring and i am so nervous! I have a Gpa of 3.9, however i do not feel smart. i went through anatomy I and II with an A and i thought it was easy. i am good with memorizing stuff and forgetting it fast...however, i feel as if i learned A LOT in anatomy and i remember a lot!!! im nervous i will not be a good nurse and won't get enough practice. someone tell me i'll be OKAY.
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  3. by   breezy7
    I think you have to enter this situation with confidence, or it will kick you in the butt. So many voices tell us that nursing school is hard... and it IS, but you are clearly capable of it! You've clearly got the smarts; do you have the passion, too? If so, you'll be find. You need to find that confidence in yourself and hold it close, because you truly can do it if you believe you can, focus on your classes and goals, and go forth with excitement!
  4. by   motheringheart
    You can do this. You did the other classes. You may have to work hard but it is doable. Just breathe and remember many people before you have made it through and you can too. You are going to be a great nursing student and a wonderful nurse!!!
  5. by   Kchaffin
    Girl you did great a 3.9 GPA is awesome. You will be OKAY! Congrats on getting in I am just getting started and hope to be in "nursing" school by this time next year.
  6. by   HelloKittyForever
    Hi! I'm 17 and I am starting nursing school/ university this September and I understand what you're going through. I was really scared and nervous, I thought I would fail and that nobody would like me, but I went to an induction day on Friday to meet the students on my course and we had a little training event and it was all great (: it turnt out to easy squeezy. I think they're just nerves and once you get used to everything, you'll be fine. Just remember, you are smart and you're going to do great. I live in England, so I'm not too sure about GPA's but I think your GPA is very impressive
  7. by   Just A Wanderer
    That is an exceptional GPA, never doubt your abilities. Just remember that there are many other students who feel the same way you do - nervous about starting nursing school. You are not alone and you'll be okay!
  8. by   FutureNeoNursing
    You Will Do Fine!! Trust me, I feel nervous about going into nursing as well, but I have developed a great support system in place,when I may become doubtful..they r there to keep me
    Motivated and push me towards success!! My friend and I are going into the program 2gether,so we will be there for each other. In order to be successful in nursing,stop doubting yourself and pat yourself on the back for each step you complete,there may be rocky roads ahead...just go around them and keep going! You Can Do It, Start Believing inYourself