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Does anyone have this problem? Okay here's my thing: I don't have a problem being busy with school and studying. I work 40+ hours a week and attend school full time in order to complete all the pre... Read More

  1. by   WordWrangler
    Make your priorities and share them with your friend. She loves you, you love her and she will understand. Show her the time commitment you have on a weekly basis and then see if you can schedule a two-hour dinner date with her once a month or so, just to keep you from going totally crazy. And when you keep those dates, ask her about her life and listen to her life. Your nursing school friends will be the ONLY ones who truly understand what you're doing and the pressure you're under. Your husband sounds like a good guy who will support you and appreciate when you come through and finish. Prioritize your time very carefully and make sure when you get into school that you cut back the work, way, way back. I'm in the second semester and it's hard, but manageable, IF you can keep yourself organized and keep up with the work. Fingers crossed for you! (and for me.) Good luck.
  2. by   shamrokks
    You didn't mention least you don't have those. Nursing school consumes your life. For now everyone will need to schedule everything around you if they want your time. See if there is a way to schedule in time with friends and family..actually put it on your planner. If you don't schedule it then it probably won't happen. Good luck.
  3. by   anime09
    Fellow students, myself, along with many of you do understand the enormous struggle it takes to complete our dreams of being nurses and I remind myself daily that we have to put up with two or three caterpillars if we want to see the butterflies. Make sure the moments you spend with your loved ones, however small count. It can be done, hang in there.
  4. by   Annaiya
    This is the reality of nursing school. Talk to your friend about it and try to get her to be supportive of you. If she is that good of a friend, she will support you. It is temporary and when you are done you will be a member of a wonderful profession. It is definitely worth the sacrifice, but it still sucks to go through it, lol.
  5. by   PalmHarborMom
    Here is a thought... Considering that you say your best friend lives with you, she could occasionally make dinner and you both could catch up on what's happened that week. It is give and take. You need to spend this time studying in order to get into nursing school and she should be proud of you.

    This is my third year of school. Both my kids and husband understand that there are times that I have no choice but to study. I do try to make time for them when I can. The biggest bonus of all of this is that my daughter wants to become a nurse and go to the same university that I do. That's even though she has seen all the hard work that it takes to succeed.

    Remember that those around you see how hard you are working and will support you. (And if they don't, too bad for them)
  6. by   suzw
    Just be glad you are doing this now instead of after you have kids. I have a 3 year-old, and it is soooo hard watching her go off to have another adventure with Daddy while I'm stuck at home studying. She doesn't sleep as much as most kids either, so I have very little free time. And I almost NEVER see my friends anymore- but your friend lives with you, so I would think you would be able to see each other at home once in awhile? Maybe have dinner together sometimes? You really are lucky that you are able to see your friend at all.
  7. by   SaraMC
    It's nice to know I guess that I'm not the only one with this problem and there's plenty of other people who are in my boat! Lol I am really excited for what the program will bring and for the challenges. I'm all in and super psyched to be a "nurse-in-training" :-) thanks guys!