No Nursing School for me!

  1. i know that everyone that applies wants it just as bad the next. what about the person that is always chosen last or isn't chosen at all? i have read the watlisted? rejected? post on here, and yes it does make you feel a little better that those select few got into the nursing school of their choice. congrads, and kudos to them, however, there are still hundreds of people out there that want it, and may never get it. everyone tells you don't give up, that there's always next year. yes, there is always next year, but what about the one's that the next year never comes around for them. what about the hard work they all put into to becoming a nurse, that they may never get to exercise it?

    i guess you can say that there are steps to of being waitlisted and rejected?

    1. denial (not the nile river)and isolation
    at first we may deny ever getting the letter, or thinking it was just a misunderstaning, and they sent us the wrong letter. after a while we just want to be by oueselves to think about what we coul have done differently, or how stupid the person might feel when they relaize they have sent us the wrong letter, and that we were accepted.
    2. you're angry (anger)
    we get angry at everyone, because we want someone to blame it on. we direct out anger on the world. we get mad at the people that were accecpted, we may not understand why they chose them and not us. once again we are told the same advice, that there is always next year. don't give up, but it's har to follow by the advice when you can think of nothing but anger,and not knowing what to do know that you have base your life around nursing school, an trying to get in.
    3. bargaining:bowingpur
    we bargain with god,and making promises of studying better,makng better grades. going to church more often. asking god, " if i do this _______? will you please let me into nursing school? doesn't work tried.

    4. you grieve
    yes, that does mean you cry your eyes out,and yes the anger is still there, but the advice other have impreganated in your head about the next year is there. you begin to think about that advce between crying, and anger. we feel lost at what to do now, do you try more classes, or where is that first step to take after being rejected?
    5. acceptance
    this is when the anger, sadness and mourning have tapered off. the person simply accepts the reality of the now try to figure out the first step to take, to help you to be one of the chosen next year.

    the reason for this post is that today i got my rejection letter. i'm still pretty upset about it, i wanted this so badly. i'm trying to figure out what i did so i know what to fix and how to fix it for next year. my letter didn't say waht i had done wrong, but i believe it was my interview. i guess i don't have a good personaility at all. i hope this has inspired others not to give up, i haven't. i'm going for my cna, and take more classes such as medical terminology,etc. things to help build up my resume, so that i'll be one of the chosen ones next year. what are you going to do? what step of grief are you on? i would love your two scents on my post.
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  3. by   Moogie
    Please don't beat yourself up about this! Getting rejected doesn't mean there's anything wrong with your personality. It just means that you had stiff competition.

    I think you're very wise to take a CNA course and get a bit of experience. Having served on an admissions committee for a BSN program, I can tell you that CNA experience can be an asset and can help put you over the top. If you have any deficiencies in your GPA, take coursework to improve your grades. Good grades, especially in the sciences, will help.

    If you think you're weak in personal skills, do practice interviewing. Have a friend help you conduct mock interviews. Think about the questions that might have made you stumble and how you will do better the next time.

    And keep applying! If one program turns you down, there are others. Yes, it is expensive to apply to multiple schools and it can be a real hassle to get your letters of recommendation and applications in order. But it increases your chances of getting admitted.

    I do know how you feel. I got a rejection letter last year for a grad program I wanted to attend. I cried for days. I totally did not expect to be rejected and felt ashamed. I felt like an absolute loser. I tried to figure out why I wasn't accepted and came up with three reasons: one, there were better qualified applicants; two, I was nervous and blew the interview; three, there really weren't any faculty who were experts in my area of interest who could serve as mentors. I came to realize that the program wasn't really the best one for me and eventually I found one at a more prestigious school that is very strong in my particular area of interest. I ended up getting accepted to the second school which is a far better fit for me.

    I hope things turn out well for you!
  4. by   sandi1743
    In my first application (fall 2010) i wait listed and then rejected. my second application (spring 2011)- accepted first round! Same school! Breathe deeply and round up the horses!