NLN guide for taking Pax exam?

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    Hello guys!! I am completely new here so I hope that I am doing this correctly!! I was wondering if anyone had recently taken the Pax-RN exam and used the 3rd edition NLN pre-admission book. If so was it useful and how did you do? If not could someone please recommend the best one? I am scheduled to take the exam on May 3rd and have previously studied other books but want to be completely prepared as I live in a very small town and there is really only one school locally to apply too. Thanks!!

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    Anyone?? I was going to purchase the 3rd edition today so if anyone has any advice please let me know!!! Thank You!
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    I found the study guide helpful because it gives you an idea of how the questions are on the test. As far as the info to "study" I would recommend using notes from biology, chemistry, a & p, and algebra classes. The reading and vocabulary portion you either know it or you don't. I would find a used copy or even borrow the disc that comes with it from someone and download that program to test yourself. I bought mine from Amazon it was cheaper than the NLN website.
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    Thank you! I did go to Amazon and it is much cheaper than the NLN site. Thanks for that information too!! I have heard there was a lot of physics on there was that true in your case? I have never had a physics class and am very nervous about that now.
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    There was physics on the test, but if you have a good understanding on the other sciences you should be fine! I had the same problem, never had physics before either. Practice your fractions and percents for the math portion, there was a lot of them on the test.
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    Yeah I am fortunate in that area I am pretty good at Math...I am more concerned about the science and vocab then anything. I wasn't overly worried about Science until I started seeing everything about the physics and now I am going to go nuts before May.
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    I took the PAX test at Galen College in Cincinnati last week. They told me I passed and "did very well" I am a 58 year old male and graduated from high school in 1974. I was able to borrow the book and disc from the college for a $40.00 deposit. I was very nervous going in but after refreshing with the book and practice tests I was much more relaxed. I studied the book for about 3 days and really liked the math review with the fractions was most useful. Also the book helps with origins of words that was big help to me also. Get a good night sleep the night before and you should be fine. Good Luck to you.
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    I used the book to study it was really helpful for reviewing word roots for vocabulary and reviewing sciences I hadn't seen since high school like physics and chemistry. I borrowed the book from a friend since I refused to pay $50 for a test that only intended on taking once (which I did yayyyy). So long story short yup get the book lol
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    I took the test in March. I did the three tests in the back of the book to see where I was at. I got 116/117/118 which was the number correct for each of the tests. I did math review and went on for vocab. I studied a bit here and there but nothing too serious. I ended up with a Raw score of 115 and a composite score of 129. So I would say that the tests in the back of the book are very close to the actual test. GOOD LUCK!
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    Thanks guys I am definitely going to order the book...Now I have a whole other concern...Finals for this semester is on May 12th and they moved the PAX to May 13th. I don't know if I can study both the way they need to be!!

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