Nervous, need some advice

  1. Hi guysss. When i graduated high school i was in the 4 year bsn track to nursing and commuted. Really bad problems so i transferred but had to change my major. I major in psychology and minor in both chem and biology. Im planning on applying to the accelerated nursing program at a few schools and im close to graduation so im getting nervous. I have a 3.2 gpa and im almost finished with my pre reqs. With everything that went on at home my first year didnt go as planned. I have As and Bs in all my pre reqs except a&p 1 and 2( b- c+) and a c in intro to psychology. I just want to know if id have a decent chance of getting in and what were the steps you took when applying to schools.
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  3. by   runsalot
    Depends on the school. Alot of people get in with that kind of GPA but is does depend on on the school. And the other criteria they look at.
  4. by   nyrn310
    that gpa might be a little low for ABSN or even an ADN program. I would suggest re-taking A&P 1 and 2, since those 2 classes are the most important. Try and get at least a B+.
  5. by   whit92
    yea i had a feeling. I had a bad first year so i though about taking it again. i have some volunteering experience but we'll see