Need to make an A in microbiology.. what are your study tactics and strategies?

  1. So I have to make an A in micro next semester to get an A. I think I can do it but I need help, definitely. What are your most helpful strategies when it comes to getting an A? I know it will be difficult but I am extremely determined. Feel free to give me any websites, anything you think might help. ANYTHING! LOL
    So far to get ahead I got Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple which I'm reading and taking notes on.
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  3. by   Cortisol
    Clinical Microbiology made ridiculously simple is a great book, but it may be a bit more advanced than what you need. It definitely can't hurt to use it though!

    Clinical or Medical Microbiology is a bit more intense than the microbiology required for nursing school.

    Micro requires a lot of memorization. My advice is to create tables/charts for each category (gram+, gram-, viruses, protazoa, fungi, etc). You will likely need to know what organisms fall in each category and which diseases they cause.

    I'm a fan of quizlet, but beware that not all information is correct/accurate.
  4. by   Angsturdy
    Memorization is the key for micro. It was a tough class but I loved it! I used charts to help me but notecards were my best friends! Repetition!! The lab is really interesting. I was blessed with an amazing instructor who helped us out and truly cared about her classes. I think that makes a big difference. I wasn't aware of any helpful books but I have used the Quizlet website and it was very helpful! Good luck to you!
  5. by   leenak
    Do the questions at the end of your chapter.

    I'm getting an A in Microbiology right now and our instructor does give cues I've found. If she stresses something, its going to be on the test. She also assigns questions from the back of the chapter but I do more than she assigns.
  6. by   tinkerbell89
    Thank you guys for your great advice I will try all these things
  7. by   NBurana
    You need to do A LOT of reading DAILY before and after your class lectures. I email my professor frequently with any questions and she is willing to help and explain. It's a tough class, the avg in my class is very low but an A is possible if you put in the work for it
  8. by   Lame
    My prof. had a tablet laptop so she would write notes on the PP slides as we went along in lecture. I made flash cards from those notes & slides. I always started studying the moment I got new material. I also read only the paragraphs pertaining to the slides covered in class Like the other posters have said, repetition is a huge part of micro.

    I know you will get an A! Good luck! =)
  9. by   TiffTiff
    I have a study friend, we average about 4 days of study(3-6 hours each day) studying for each test. We quiz each other, make mnemonics where needed, and I make flash cards. I also read and answer the questions in the book. We are both getting an A at this point. This is the same strategy I used for A&P I&II as well. I got an A in both.

    Keep at it! You can do it!