Need to take stats, micro, & psych elective...should I add chem on top?

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    The spring is my last semester of prerequisite, I am taking statistics, microbiology, and abnormal psych as my social science elective. I have not taken chemistry and think it would probably be a good idea, should I take it with these other three classes?

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    If you can handle it I say go for it! However you are already looking at a hard semester, adding chemistry will make it harder. Chemistry alone is an extremely difficult class.

    Good luck!
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    Knowing what I know now (having taken all those classes) I wouldn't have paired micro with another science (I took it w. A&P I). Just my opinion, I found it to be challenging, I had so many bacteria, viruses, diseases, treatments, drugs, cultures, identifications etc to learn, memorize and do that It was hard for me to balance.

    I think I would've been fine had I not been taking 16 credits of math and science! But I really worked hard and still didn't get an A.

    Take my experience with a grain of salt, everyones experience is different, but for me it didn't work out as well as I'd have liked it to!
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    Seems like a lot. If you are not married or do not have kids or do not work then go for it. But personally I would not take more than two sciences with other classes together unless i did not have family or worked.
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    My other option is auditing the chemistry class, as I don't need it to transfer. I just think it would be good to go over it.
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    Then Audit! Definitely a good foundation is chemistry will be critical to further courses and TEAS V!
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    Auditing sounds like a good plan!
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    Thank you all for your opinions
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    if you've never had chemistry in high school before or if you did and vaguely remember anything and if you have weak algebra skills then take chemistry on a lighter load
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    The "nursing" chem isn't like the inorganic/gen chem you need for pre-med which IMO is a lot harder. I think it's doable.
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