need suggestions... laptop or tablet?

  1. Hi everyone I am going to be starting my pre-nursing recs in the fall and I have a laptop that is 4 years old but I am looking to invest in something newer... My question to you is as future nursing students or if you're nursing students already what do you consider most handy?

    I like the convenience of a tablet (easy to take anywhere with you) can whip it out anywhere and take some notes if needed ie clinical, class, etc but then again how much storage can you possibly get on there and what about typing papers? Is it a pain? Should I get an iPad or another brand? For laptops I don't even know what the best of the best is any more... What is a good one for a nursing student?

    Any thoughts?
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  3. by   goingtothedogs
    Everyone has their opinions, and I'm certainly happy to offer mine. . I'm finishing my last two pre-reqs in the fall, and I primarily use my iPad. I take notes in Evernote-- you can type them in OR use Evernote penultimate if you do better writing by hand. In evernote's suite of apps, I am able to add diagrams from my book, pictures, video, and even the recording of my lectures. For me, it has been extremely handy and helpful. I've used my iPad for projects, to collaborate with other group members, and this morning, I used it to rough out a landscape design for my side yard. (Eeeeee!!! Fun stuff when school is out but I'm still busy as a bee preparing for teas and CNA exam!!)
    Personally, I have a laptop at home, and for writing papers and for some of the things my iPad just doesn't do (flash), the laptop wins. However, really, I use my iPad more than anything else. I always have it with me, and always have access to my notes, the Internet, etc. it's handy. If you have a laptop that functions for writing papers, and it doesn't need to be replaced just yet... A tablet might be helpful. But remember, you can't use them for absolutely everything, and you may want to check with your instructors to see if they'll allow you to use it in class. Otherwise, you might wind up buying something you can't even use.
  4. by   queserasera
    I'm old school in the way of note taking. I take my notes short hand on *gasp* paper! Haha!
    I find that if I write it down I am more likely to remember it (of course, everyone is different) However, I do then type all my notes via laptop and save them for future reference.
    I think it depends on your preference. For me, I love my laptop (macbook pro) because I can have multiple windows open and flip from my e-books to word to the internet without having to stop back at a home screen. However, I do have to lug a 7lb laptop around with me if I bring it to school.
  5. by   Mandy0728
    I hand write my notes as well! If they're powerpoints, I print them before class & add to them and highlight. It's always gotten me As! However, I have no idea how it'll work in nursing school, as I've been told you need many different study strategies. Good luck!
  6. by   nyteshade

    I suggest whatever you like as long as you make sure you have Microsoft Office. You will write tons of papers (especially if you are a BSN student).
  7. by   sjalv
    I am done with my prereqs and I start a 2 year program in the fall. I have only used my laptop throughout college. I don't see the need for a tablet, but some programs actually REQUIRE them. I just take notes via hand, as shocking as that might seem hah. I write my papers with my laptop. It's whatever works for you. I can record lectures with my smartphone though, so I don't see the need for a tablet since very few apps are limited only to tablets.
  8. by   yisy4u
    I graduated from Nursing school in May and in my opinion you wont need a tablet for nursing school. I believe a laptop will be of more use. Not long ago I was were you are now & I wanted an iPad "for school." Truth is that I barely used my iPad for studying. On the contrary, I would take it to school and watch youtube videos when I got bored. Not saying that you will do the same, but i found my laptop to be of much more help. I remember I used to do study guides in my iPad, but it was way easier in the laptop. Also, when you are in nursing school you will probably share your notes with your friends and not all of them own apple devices, which makes it complicated sometimes to share stuffs. In addition, you are not allowed to take an ipad/tablet to clinicals, actually they don't even let you use your phone to look up information, without mentioning that a tablet could easily be stolen at clinicals.
    Any-who, everyone has an opinion. I wanted an Ipad and I got it, but ended up buying an 11' macbook air for school (small & almost weightless) Today, I still mainly use my iPad for gaming and my laptop to prepare for NCLEX.
    So in summary, to me the laptop will be a better option, if you end up deciding to want the laptop get a small one, nothing big or heavy because otherwise it will be uncomfortable to carry around and you will end up not taking it to school.
    As advice, I recommend those starting nursing school to print out the professor's ppt and take notes on them, or convert the ppts to word documents. In my 4 semesters of nursing school experience I found that to be the best way to take notes.
    Good luck to all of you
  9. by   Jmoran82
    Thank you everybody for your advice so I am going to go the laptop route... Do you guys have any suggestions as to which one to get?
  10. by   yisy4u
    I really love my macbook air, but it is really expensive, so I know is not an option for everyone. But, try to look for one on the smaller side. I promise you won't carry a heavy laptop to school in addition to all the books you will have to take to class. My friend got a notebook and it worked for her.
  11. by   sjalv
    I don't want to start a Mac vs. PC debate.. God knows how those end. But here is my advice on why I think you should get a PC. I bought a MacBook and they aren't all that they are cracked up to be. You would think with the very expensive price tag, you would get an amazing product. I experienced problems with my MacBook just as I had with previous PC laptops. It would randomly freeze, the cursor would disappear, etc. I accidentally spilt a tiny bit of juice on the eject key and the whole computer fried, but that is my fault and a story for another time.

    When my MacBook died, I went to Best Buy and purchased an ASUS. It was $700 and was 3x as fast as my MacBook had been. Literally, my Mac had 2GB of RAM and my ASUS has 6GB. My MacBook simply had a dualcore processor, my ASUS has an i5 which is years newer. It has a backlit keyboard and other features I will never use, and best of all, it was $500 cheaper than my MacBook had been.

    Really though, for things like browsing the web and writing papers, you barely need anything. A $400 computer would do. I suggest you get your computer from or Amazon. You can read the reviews before you buy, and shopping online is generally better than buying at a retail store like Best Buy.
  12. by   starter12345
    No, get a tablet.
    For example, Samsung Note 10.1 is perfect for me! I can WRITE and DRAW and TYPE at the same time. It is made for college students, it has something called the S Pen which is exactly like a drawing tablet pen. It has palm rejection and writes exactly like a paper + pencil. I love mine! Many people don't know about it though....Samsung [GALAXY Note 10.1] Official Hands-on Video - Note Taking (1) - YouTube
    You can get a bluetooth keyboard with it and type regularly. You don't need exactly the Note 10.1 since the Microsoft Surface Pro has the same kind of pen, but a little bit worse then the Note 10.1. Also, new versions may come out soon.
    But this tablet has helped me dramatically in chemistry and anatomy classes. It has handwriting recognition, recording your notes (the way you do them), and search notes function. It just has a huge learnign cuver.