Need A&P help ASAP!!!!!!

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    Hi, I'm a paramedic starting the excelsior paramedic to RN bridge program. I just completed the A&P module as well as ordered the studygroup101 study guide. When I downloaded the study guide I found out it was over 1900 pages!!!!!! Does anyone have any help on what parts to study or advice on a better method of making sure I pass this test?? Thanks for any help!

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    use your syllabus and focus on the chapters and topics your instructor says, take it one thing at a time!
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    Hey there Im a medic switching over to nursing. Why the career change.
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    Would like to be home with my kids more and maybe become an NP someday.

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    A couple of years ago I posted a good number of my A&P notes here...they made it into a Sticky. I think it's called "A&P from my brain to yours." From what I've heard it's helped a number of other students....good luck!
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    Polka dot's notes are AWESOME!!! They helped me many times when something wasn't clicking for me, like preload/afterload. Thank you SO very much polka dot! <3
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    I am new here. What is a "sticky" and how do you find them? I tried a search and nothing came up.

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    There is also a forum specifically for Excelsior students under the Colleges tab on AllNurses.

    You might get more help there.
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    Thanks so much!

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