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I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Telecomm and want to go into nursing. I don't have most of the prereq science/chemistry but I know there are some programs that will let you slide on that. I... Read More

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    I've seen some people speak of route like these offered by private fly by night "colleges", and quite frankly you will end up spending a whole lots and being overeducated but knowing nothing. Its like trying to run before you learn to walk. Get yourself a proper education if you really want to be a nurse. Accelerated BSN programs is what you should be looking at. Lots of prerequisites can be done in a hybrid format, where lectures are online and you just go in once per week for the labs.
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    What interests you in nursing? Why do you want to become a nurse? You may want to do a bit more research on the educational requirements and the actual job description of what nurses do before you make such a drastic change because nursing school requires a lot of time and energy. You can't get around the science classes though. They are the foundation of nursing.
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    In direct entry MSN programs, you get your RN before completing the master's level courses. At the least, the RN portion of the program is going to have several hundred hours of clinical time. They are also competitive, and there will be plenty other applicant who have completed the prereqs.
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